Top 10 Mistakes That Most Students Make

2:00 pm 18 Feb, 2013

Student life like any other juncture of life has many pitfalls to which students are often not immune. Academic life is a time when futures are shaped and even a single mistake can set up the dominos rolling for the rest of the life. Read along to find the common mistakes made by most students.

10. Not reading the questions in the exam paper properly:

Students often tend to misinterpret or even misread questions in examination halls. Or, at times they even miss out on entire pages of the question paper which evidently results in bad grades. It is always advised that students give the first ten to fifteen minutes in exams for going through the paper. But students rarely pay heed to that and hence this is surely one of the most common mistakes made by students.

Not reading the questions in the exam paper properly

9. Time Management:

Time management is an important art that is categorically necessary for students to possess. Whether it is during preparation or examination halls, the better a student is at managing time, the better the results. But unfortunately often student find it difficult to divide time between subjects while preparation or between question paper sections in examination halls. Struggling too long with a section is one of the common mistakes made by students.

Time Management

8. Procrastination:

Another issue related to time when it comes to students is procrastination. Yes, it is inherent in students and in some more than the others. Every individual must have passed this stage as a student when stalling studying a subject or a chapter seems the easy way out. The craze for spending more and more time in the social networks, watching a movie or going out for a party with friends takes sudden precedence. Hence, procrastination is indeed a mistake every student makes in his academic life.


7. Skipping Classes:

The idea of bunking classes for catching a newly released movie or simply to avoid an abhorring subject is a favorite among students. We all have been there and done that, haven’t we? But perhaps the urge to walk out of a class must be ignored for the betterment of the students themselves. Often something that a student hears in class can be easily retained when compared to something that has to be studied alone by the student at home.

Skipping Classes

6. Not asking questions:

Often students tend to avoid asking questions to teachers and professors in class. Perhaps they fear being counter questioned by the teachers or they are just shy but this trait is very much common in students. A lot of doubts could be cleared in the classroom, helping the students remember better if they just come out of their shell and ask questions without hesitating.

Not asking questions

5. Not maintaining a daily study routine:

As children we are always told by parents to study regularly and focus on every day lessons. Whenever a chapter is taught in class, it is ideal that the student goes through that at home and comes back the next day with doubts. If a daily routine is followed lessons do not stack up and the student is well prepared for any eventual exams or tests. But the habit of not studying regularly or just studying at the eleventh hour is more harmful that students realize.

Not maintaining a daily study routine

4. Studying Non-stop:

Some students do nothing but study. This might seem as a good habit but in actuality it is more harmful than helpful. The age old saying of all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is very true. A small break between hours of studies is essential not only for good health but also for retaining whatever the student studies. So most definitely studying at a stretch without breaks is never a good idea for students to follow.

Studying Non-stop

3. Partying too hard:

When young and in college, the heart wants to enjoy and have fun. So it is not strange that students get draw to parties more so in colleges or in hostels. But too much partying at that stage of life when academics should be given more importance is definitely not good. A few years of serious and dedicated studies can lead to a great life but students tend to ignore this fact. Having fun is needed but it needs to be in moderation and that perhaps is an area where students often falter.

Partying too hard

2. Not asking for help:

Every student is different and unique. While some can grasp things faster others take time to get a hold of the concepts. So instead of hiding the fact one should seek help from peers. Discussing with class mates or get doubts cleared from class mates is always a good option. But students for some reason shirk asking for help which in return leads to struggles with syllabus and eventually grades in exams.

Not asking for help

1. Getting lost in matters of the heart:

When students step into adolescence or join college, they come across a lot of changes within themselves and their surroundings. Pleasing the opposite sex is one of the main distractions in student life. While to some level it is natural and should not be stopped but the greater picture should also not be ignored. Students often get so engrossed in such matters that they ignore studies. Getting lost in matters of the heart beyond a certain level for students is often found to be catastrophic.

Getting lost in matters of the heart

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