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Top 10 Mistakes of Newsreaders That Make Even Khal Drogo Go ROFL

Published on 3 April, 2013 at 12:00 pm By

What makes the mistakes by a newsreader on air so hilarious or entertaining? Are their mix-ups funny as newsreaders generally have the stereotyped image of being seriously omniscient with their poised depositions? Perhaps that’s the reason when there is a shift in that kind of behavior due to an inadvertent mistake, you are left smiling and often amused. Fits of giggling or bloopers by newsreaders, believe it or not could even make Khal Drogo smile! Read below to find out about such blunders.

10. Wrong on- screen graphic:

The credit for this error, however, goes to the technical team but it’s news reader who suffers the most. Often newsreaders who present weather reports go on giving the updates without looking back at the screen displaying the maps. Picture this, the map displayed is of Australia and the newreader is going on and on about the weather in Russia. Now wouldn’t that be something to laugh at?

Wrong on- screen graphic

9. Where is the camera?:


If the newsreader appears looking elsewhere instead of the camera that is live and broadcasting the news, the end result is not just a mistake but a comical one at that. Instead of looking straight, if you stumble upon a channel where the newsreader seems to be making all the nuances and gestures towards the left or right, you are bound to end up laughing.

Where is the camera

8. Fumbling with words:

There have been numerous occasions when newsreaders have fumbled with words in news reports. Sometimes instead of a word or two it has been for entire sentences altogether. Certainly watching a serious newsreader botching up sentences is one of those things that could lighten up the mood, more so when it keeps happening to the amusement of both the reader and the audience.

Fumbling with words

7. Clueless about the next news item:

There have been occasions when newsreaders have been found to search through some sheets of paper kept on the news desk confused and clueless, like a lost child, about the next news item. So this is one of those mistakes by newsreaders that end up in this list for causing hilarity.

Clueless about the next news item

6. Showing the wrong video:

You must have noticed some times the mismatch between videos and news items. Often newsreaders are seen apologizing for such mix ups as they move ahead with the correct video. But sometimes a wrong video is found to be strangely appropriate in a humorous way. So this is again another misstep that could leave the audiences hysterical more so if the news reader fails to realize the same.

Showing the wrong video

5. Who is the Co-host?:

When news programs are co-hosted, you would have seen at times one of the co-hosts forgetting the name of the other. Well that certainly makes for a hilarious watch, doesn’t it? Though such mistakes might occur; after all newsreaders are human too, but then there is no denying the fact that these lapses are amusing to watch.

Who is the Co-host

4. Lost in translation!:

Several news shows are hosted by a pair of newsreaders. While one is busy reading a news update the other is expected to be attentive. But what would happen if for some reason, the other is caught yawning? Well not only would it show the news program in bad light but at the same time would make for a funny watch. So this is yet another mistake which could end up bringing smile on the face of a grouch.

Lost in translation

3. Forgetting the job description of a guest in a panel:


Having discussion panels on news programs is a common sight these days. About five to six ‘experts’ are often seen debating on critical news reports with the newsreader as the visible referee. At the onset of the discussion when the anchor introduces each guest and suddenly fumbles or forgets the details of a certain guest or addresses him wrongly, that’s when even the most dull discussions appear hilarious on television.

Forgetting the job description of a guest in a panel

2. Uttering words erroneously:

Sometimes newsreaders make mistakes while uttering names or words. There are several instances when newsreaders mess up saying words which ultimately result in a downpour of laughter not only for the audiences but also for those in the studio. For example when Richter scale becomes rectum scale or pay becomes pee it is bound to bring a bout of laughter! So most certainly you just can’t deny the humor when one word alters the entire meaning of an entire sentence.

Uttering words erroneously

1. Is the Break over?:


Newsreaders are caught unaware at times as they fail to notice that commercial breaks are over. Whether caught retouching their makeup or making gestures to their staff in the studio; these mistakes end up on the comical side. There was an instance when a newsreader was caught calling her husband names while the show went back on air. So this occasional break of attention could actually lead to a sudden burst of laughter for the audiences.

Is the Break over


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