Top 10 Mind Developing Games for Kids

12:00 pm 14 Mar, 2013

Developing the minds of the young ones is not an easy task. They easily get frustrated and disheartened if something seems out of their reach. The best way to deal with such situations is to make learning fun for kids. The best way to awaken their curiosity for things around is the playing interactive and productive games with them. Mentioned below are top 10 mind developing games for the kids. They are simple and hardly require any investment other than your time. Take a look.

10. Card games – Analytical thinking:

Kids can be made to learn a variety of skills when they play different card games. From learning basic number manipulation, to developing strategies, and being a good sport, they can imbibe a number of skills in a playful manner. Games like go fish, spoons, old maid, snap, concentration and many other card games are easy and fun. The entire family can get together to play these games and it’s not that hard for the kids to compete with the adults. These games have been scientifically proved to improve the mental processing speed of the brain.

Card games – Analytical thinking - Mind Developing Games for Kids

9. DIY- Self learning games:

Simply reading books around will not always be as helpful for the kids. Pragmatic learning can be better. For example when you take the kids out for shopping, tell them to total the bill of your purchase. While you’re waiting in the queue at the supermarket, ask kids to focus on the candy display, and memorize maybe a few brands that they can recall later. Getting them in the habit of learning things on their own and indulging in self-learning assignments can be more beneficial than making the kids dig through heavy text books.

DIY- Self learning game - - Mind Developing Games for Kids

8. Pretend Play Game – Comprehend complexities:

All kids enjoy the idea of pretend playing. They often pretend to play different roles, sometimes they pretend to go to the office like their dad, sometimes they pretend to be a house wife, and at others maybe pretend to be a pilot, a driver, a farmer, etc. This is the best time to lash them with a few open ended question, like – what are they cooking? Where is their flight going? What are they selling? Such questions push their comprehending capabilities, and add a direction and thought to all their activities, even when it is play time.

Pretend Play Game - Comprehend complexities - - Mind Developing Games for Kids

7. Puzzles – Spatial awareness:

Jigsaw puzzles are an interesting and fun way to teach children about spatial awareness and enhance their problem solving skills. Start with smaller puzzles, and gradually switch to the more complicated ones. Children can easily get frustrated if they aren’t able to solve puzzles quickly; therefore don’t begin with the hard ones. Only once they begin to like solving puzzles should you give them harder and more challenging tasks.

Puzzles - Spatial awareness- Mind Developing Games for Kids

6. Sing and play instruments – conceptual learning and memorizing:

Learning tables, numbers words, randomly can be a difficult job for small children. The best way to make them learn words quickly is to give them songs to sing and instruments to play. This can help them memorize and learn concepts better. Get them drums, tambourines, and a few shakers to play with. This is also the reason why kindergartens always teach the kids numerous hymns and easy songs that can be learnt by all kids. Teaching them counting, or making them learn the days of the week and months can also be easily done when taught in a sing song format.

Sing and play instruments – conceptual learning and memorizin- Mind Developing Games for Kids

5. Action Games – Non Conventional Thinking:

Toddlers in the house may not always have an aptitude for learning words and numbers through direct games, maybe figuring things out with action will help them better. For example, games like ‘Mother May I’ can indeed be helpful for teaching children how to play with numbers in a non-threatening environment. Hoping one, two, three, four, five, and so on can help them become more calculative. Spatial concepts can also be taught more easily. Like ask them to place a glass on the table, pass through a circle, and sleep on the left side of the bed, and so on.

Action Games - Non Conventional Thinking- Mind Developing Games for Kids

4. Classic board games – Critical Thinking:

To sharpen the critical thinking of your kids, the best way is to make them play the various kinds of board games like chess, checkers, and the ancient backgammon. All these games involve strategic planning and challenge the brain to plan all the moves ahead of time. Children can learn complex thinking skills when they plan through several moves. Scrabble is another useful game that helps to sharpen the manipulative thinking of the brain. Games like Monopoly can teach them how to benefit from chance play and flexibility.

Classic board games - Critical Thinking- Mind Developing Games for Kids

3. Imaginative games – Creativity:

Imaginative games help in building the brains power to think out-of-the-box by using original imagination. Such games can be played alone or in the company of other children. The Lego bricks building toys, for example, are fun to play with. You can build homes, cars, aircrafts, chairs, tables, and any other object by using small toy bricks. Envisioning the world as they would like to see it, boosts the imagination of the kids, and sharpens the ability of their brain to think and create.

Imaginative games - Creativity- Mind Developing Games for Kids

2. Paper and pencil games – Observation and problem solving games:

Paper and pencil games can exercise the brain to think logically. Just like physical exercise increases the mental strength of the muscles, the mental games can sharpen the logical thinking of the brain. Games like Tic-Tac-Toe can be helpful in teaching the kids how to recognize various patterns and solve problems. The older kids can be made to play Hangman. They fill in missing letters in a word, and therefore helpful in brushing up the spellings of the children. Even Dots and Boxes is a fun game that helps kids to learn how to plan ahead, and analyze consequences in advance.

Paper and pencil games - Observation and problem solving games- Mind Developing Games for Kids

1. Verbal games – Linguistic games:

Brain power involves the easy use of language, and this can be achieved from playing word games with children. It helps increase their vocabulary and build fluency with the use of words. For example, one can always play Round Robin Technique in storytelling, where a person begins with the introduction to the initial part of the narrative, and others take up their turn’s one after the other, till the story is complete. Any game that nurtures the memory of child can be good linguistic games. In your free time waiting for a bus, or driving your car, you can play word guessing games, listening games, and more.

Verbal games - Linguistic games- Mind Developing Games for Kids


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