10 Mind Blowing Science Videos Hidden On YouTube

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:19 pm


If the word science brings terror into your hearts or if it predicts something incredibly boring is about to happen then think again. Our perception of science has been ruined by bad teachers but science is actually very cool. If only our teachers had performed such fun experiments we would have taken a lot more interest in science. But fear not because we can still catch how cool science is with the help of the internet. YouTube is full of science videos where crazy scientists perform crazy experiments. Even if you hate science just watch these videos and let them blow your mind. Here are the top 10 mind blowing science videos hidden on YouTube.

10. How To Make Your Own Glow Sticks

This video comes from NurdRage and explains how to make your own glow sticks. There are many other videos on YouTube that explain the same thing. It’s a really cool experiment to do as you can make liquid that glows in the dark. You can make different colored liquids. You can use them as glow sticks or even as cool nightlights for your bedroom.

9. Elephant Toothpaste

This is a funny video where these three goofy science students perform an experiment that is pretty famous among science teachers to show off to the students. It’s an exothermic reaction by adding hydrogen peroxide, dial soap and a little bit of sodium iodide. The liquid foams up and bubbles out of the flask like a giant toothpaste. The way the guys laugh is hysterical.

8. German Scientist Spits Flaming Spores

This is a German video of a scientist performing like a flame thrower. He uses some sort of chemical powder and disperses it in the air where he’s holding a Bunsen burner. The chemical powder catches fire instantly. It’s another short cool video even though the explanation is in German and you wouldn’t understand anything unless you speak German. But perhaps it’s a good challenge to figure out this one on your own. Do take precautions while trying this out though as fire is always dangerous.

7. Thermite Vs Liquid Nitrogen

This is one of the most intriguing questions of science. Can liquid nitrogen cool molten iron? Thermite is an iron powder and iron oxide mixture that produces a very high exothermic reaction. It’s known to burn at a very high temperature. Liquid nitrogen is very cold at negative 198 degrees. So who will win this battle between the extremely hot and the extremely cold? Watch and find out for yourself.

6. Superconducting Levitation

Magnetic levitation is a cool effect that can have a dramatic effect on our future technologies. Already it is used in high speed trains all over the world. But imagine a world where all vehicles float just above the surface in a noiseless, frictionless and energy efficient way. This video explains all there is to know about superconductors and how the magnetic levitation works.

5. Fun With Ferrofluid


Ferrofluid is a fluid that contains tiny magnetic particles suspended in a fluid. This video demonstrates what happens when the ferrofluid is subjected to a magnetic field. It’s a really cool video as the liquid in the Petri dish reacts to magnets of different shapes. It’s almost unbelievable that this is a liquid as it forms some magnificent shapes under the effect of the magnets.

4. Sound Waves On Fire

A Ruben’s tube is a classic science experiment with sound waves and fire. The idea is to use sound to manipulate the way gas leaves a tube that has many holes in it. There is a speaker on one end of the tube that vibrates the gas inside the tube according to the frequency of the sound being produced. Watch this really cool video to see what happens when live music is played on the speaker. It’s like a live visualizer that is made up of flames!

3. Helium Superfluid

This is a cool video about a concept that changed science forever. Superfluids are unlike any fluid. They occur at very low temperatures and have some physics defying properties. This video is about helium superfluid and explains some of the interesting properties such as zero viscosity of the superfluid. The video is part of a very old documentary but still something that will fascinate anyone about science.

2. Water Droplets In Zero Gravity

One of the most interesting videos is about how water behaves in zero gravity. This video was made on the international space station by some scientists as they experimented on water. This is a really cool experiment. You might not understand everything the scientist is saying but it’s really interesting to watch as during one of the experiments they have water droplets inside an air bubble inside a sphere of water!

1. Illusions From Bill Nye

Bill Nye the science guy is a program that is made for kids and people who don’t understand science. It’s an amazing program with lots of videos about a lot of different topics of science. It’s a fun way to understand basic science that explains the world around us. A must watch series of videos for anyone interested in science.