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Top 10 Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

Published on 19 March, 2013 at 7:00 am By

The contribution of Physics in unraveling mysteries of the universe and its constituents has been tremendous and greatly remarkable. Discoveries made by the Physicists over the years have helped us a great deal in understanding both micro and macro cosmos. The discoveries, such as Planck’s constant and natural unit of light, have opened the Pandora’s Box around us to reveal other facts as well. Here is a list of top 10 mind blowing facts about Physics that will literally surprise you.

10. Light waves don’t always move in straight lines:

It is generally believed that light waves only move in straight lines. However, as per the recent research in 2010 using computer controlled hologram, it has been proved that light, too, can get twisted into knots. According to the study, when light passes through the hologram, it twists into different shapes, producing multiple knots.

Light waves don’t always move in straight lines - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

9. Unbelievable hydrogen energy:


It is estimated that Sun burns around 620 million metric tons of hydrogen/second into 616 million metric tons of helium. Out of this total volume, around 4 million tons of mass enters the solar system. Furthermore, only about 3.6 pounds of the mass reaches our earth. Had even 1 percent of the energy produced out of fusion reached us, what would have been the scenario?

Unbelievable hydrogen energy - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

8.  Human radiations:

As per the recent studies and discoveries in the field of Physics, a nude human body constantly radiates around 1000 watts of heat and absorbs about 900 watts. However, once the person covers his body with clothes, the outflow of the heat flux reduces considerably due to the exterior barrier. The amount of heat outflow from the human body is more than enough in lightning up a 100 watt bulb for some time.

Human radiations - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

7. Anti-gravity movement:

Water can easily run against the gravitational pull when moving up narrow pipes. The process is described as ‘Capillary Action’. Water moves up in the narrow spaces without any assistance and against the gravitational force. This ability of the liquid proves that gravitational force can’t control the movement of every matter present on earth. At times, other forces (Surface tension, in this case) can defeat it.

Anti-gravity movement - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

6. Viscous fluids can flow at high speeds:

It is generally believed that viscous fluids can’t flow fast enough like water – a liquid with reduced viscous level. However, some scientists went on to prove that fluids like “Ketchup” can attain high speeds, too, if constantly sheered over a period of time till they attain momentum. Once thrust is achieved, the viscous forces dwindle down considerably and free movement is observed.

Viscous fluids can flow at high speeds - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

5. Gravitational constant:

The standard value of the gravitational constant is 9.8 m/s^2. It must be well known to all the science students that the value is calculated from the free fall of an object at sea level. The point worth noting is that the free fall should be at latitude of 45 degrees from the base level in order to obtain this value than 90 degrees as believed by the most.

Gravitational constant - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

4. Air current:

The speed of wind near the surface of ocean is much lower than what is observed in the higher altitudes. The reason can be attributed to the friction it receives from the water surface. It is due to this reason that most birds fly at a higher altitude. They manipulate the wind power in order to use least amount of energy on flying.

Air current - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

3. Universe is a Computer:


On the basis of a paper published by a professor in MIT, the Universe is equivalent to a computer. The figure is roughly equal to 10^120 bits. The number was calculated by him on the basis of the amount of information that can be stored in a volume just before it adopts the properties of a black hole. The information can be equated to absolute entropy of the universe.

Universe is a Computer - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

2. Mystery of microwave and liquids:

As per the latest researches worldwide, water in the liquid state has the characteristic to enable many new molecular interactions to develop. This helps in enhancing absorption of heat by food items. Due to this property, foods items like burgers become soft enough to be eaten after coming out of microwave ovens.

Mystery of microwave and liquids - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics

1. Ultimate expansion:


It is proved by scientific theories that the universe is constantly expanding. It is expanding at a decent pace and it is believed that galaxies will evaporate in the coming 10^19 to 10^20 years. It has been learnt from a number of theories by different Physicists worldwide that only White Dwarfs (a type of star) would be able to survive as their lifetime is more than 10^32 years.

Ultimate expansion - Mind-blowing Facts about Physics


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