Top 10 Medical Colleges In Eastern India

4:00 am 15 Feb, 2014


Medical colleges in Eastern India are a great option for those of you who want to study medicine after plus two. There are a host of medical colleges which are at par with the best colleges like AIIMS. Here is a list of the top ten colleges among many which you can find any of your choice:

10. Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh

This is one of the oldest and premiere medical colleges in the Eastern region of India. It has 170 seats for the undergraduate MBBS course and 109 for post graduation. There are 20 categories from which you can choose post graduate courses for both degree and diploma. The college has 25 departments and offers nursing, pharmacy and paramedical science as courses too.

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Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh

9. Patna Medical College, Patna


Patna Medical College was established as early as in the year 1874! There is a capacity of 100 students for the MBBS course which is of a four and a half year duration comprising 9 semesters and a compulsory internship. 21 Post graduate courses and 11 diploma courses are also offered. You can also study paramedics here. Hostel accommodation is adequate for both undergraduate and post graduate students. Research is also an important part of these courses.

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Patna Medical College, Patna

8. KPC Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

Situated in Jadavpur in Kolkata, this is the first state-of-the-art private medical college in Kolkata which offers you many courses starting from MBBS to past graduate to nursing and paramedical. There are 21 departments which cover all the basic clinical sections. You can also enroll for internships which are provided by the college.

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KPC Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

7. RG Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

It is one of the premiere medical colleges in Kolkata as well as the Eastern region. It offers many subjects for undergraduate and post graduate courses. There are as many as thirty-four departments which offer the subjects. There is ample scope for research and you can get your papers published too. Entrance is again by cracking WBJEE and AIPMT.

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RG Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

6. Guahati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati

It is a prestigious medical college which is coveted not only in Assam but in the eastern region as a whole. The undergraduate MBBS degree is of five years duration where the last year is an internship. Admission is based on the results of State level and All India level medical competitive examinations. The college offers 19 subjects for post graduation, 5 for Post doctorate courses and 3 for DM courses. You can also opt for diploma courses here. Hostel accommodation is adequate and other facilities like library and research are available to students.

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Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati

5. Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, Kolkata

Popularly known as SSKM Hospital, was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru on 16th January 1957. There are 40 departments offering you 25 post graduation courses and the undergraduate MBBS program is for a complete four years. Nursing and other Paramedical courses are also offered at plenty. There are many research opportunities here. You have to get through by cracking WBJEE. It is convenient to reach because of its position at AJC Bose Road.

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Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, Kolkata

4. Nalanda Medical College, Patna

Nalanda Medical College is the best medical college in Bihar. Situated in the capital city of Patna, it is a good option for students taking the not-so-east route. You can get admission to this college after getting through any one of the following examinations: BCECE, Competitive Examination conducted by the Bihar Government, AIPMT. There are 22 departments offering a number of medical as well as paramedical courses. MBBS has duration of four and a half years. There are two hostels for boys and one for girls and many are under construction. You will also be able to conduct research since facilities are endless with guidance from a good faculty.

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Nalanda Medical College, Patna

3. Nilratan Sircar Medical College, Kolkata

A 140 year old medical college, it provides numerous medical courses for aspirants. To get through to this college you must crack either the WBJEE or the AIPMT examinations. Undergraduate seats for MBBS are 250and along with it there are 39 departments offering you another 19 academic programs to choose from. Nursing and Paramedical courses are also taught here. The faculty is very good and there is hostel accommodation for both boys and girls which modern facilities. The college provides ample scope for research and publication of the same.

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Nilratan Sircar Medical College, Kolkata

2. Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

Situated at the heart of Kolkata, this medical college provides 5.5 years degree courses in MBBS and other degrees. Nursing and diploma in certain subjects are offered too. The admission is based on the results of the West Bengal Joint Entrance examination (WBJEE). There are seven hostels in all, one for girls and the rest for boys. Other facilities like a well-equipped library and computer centre are available for students. There is also ample scope for research.

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Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

1. Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

Founded on the 28th of January 1835, this is the first medical college in Asia and has always been a top draw for students who want to pursue medicine for higher studies. There are Under Graduate and Post Graduate medical courses being offered her. Total number of MBBS seats is 250 with Diploma and Post Graduate seats in various courses being 85 and 81 respectively. Nursing and technician courses are also offered. Located in the famous College Street, its location is the best in the city! With great faculty and low fees, this is a very good option for students.

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Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata