Top 10 Make-up Ideas That Turn Men On

10:00 am 8 Jul, 2013

Dressing up for the one you love or the one you have a crush on is one of the most beautiful and innocent pleasures of life. But with so many cosmetics in the market often women tend to overdo make up. But there are some tricks to looking good after make-up and not looking made up. The key is to appear natural yet highlight those beautiful cheeks, eyes and lips. Men adore simplicity and abhor too much make up. Get the perfect balance and you’ll be sorted. Here are a few tips for make-up that often turn men on!

10. Neatly plucked brows:

Bushy eyebrows are a huge turn off. To get a neat look, one that compliments your make-up, ensure that your eyebrows are not neglected for a long time. Pluck those extra brows if needed but make it neat. Then use a spoolie brush to comb it followed by a brow pencil to shape it. Finally blend it with a shimmer highlighter just below the brow bone.

Neatly plucked brows

9. Don’t overuse eye shadow:

More often than not men like simplicity in makeup, especially of the one they love. So don’t put layers and layers on your eyes, especially different kinds of eye shadows. Keep it simple. Use one shadow or two at best so that it doesn’t give a flaky appearance. Key is to highlight your features, the eyes specially without overdoing it. Subtly is probably the mantra for makeup when it comes to dressing up for your man.

Don’t overuse eye shadow

8. Lip-gloss:

The entire world of romance bows to rosy and lustrous lips. Dried lips are a turn off. So use a lip-gloss that adds to your lip’s beauty. You could even use nude shade. The trick is to ensure your lips looks fresh as hue. Flaunt your lips such that your man can’t get his eyes off you when you talk or sip in that fresh tea. Yes, the right lip-gloss is surely a deal-maker!


7. Perfume it right:

An important trick to get your man swooning with emotions is to smell delicious. Nobody likes a person who smells of sweat. It is a huge turn off. So get that perfume that stays long and that suits your personality too. Remember even if you are dressed to perfection, bad odor could be a deal breaker. So get going and find that perfect scent for you. But remember not to overdo it.

Perfume it right

6. Sky high eyelashes:

Men love eyes! That is as simple as it gets. So don’t neglect those eyelashes, if you’ve got beautiful long ones! Use that mascara to make your eyelashes thick at the base and tapering towards the end causing a hypnotic effect on your man. Whether you bat those lashes or tempt your man by just looking at him with those sultry eyes adorned by beautiful lashes, eventually your man would have no option but to say ‘What is your wish my lady?’

Sky high eyelashes

5. Moisturize before anything else:

You need to moisturize your body properly before applying any make up. It is sacrilege to deck up in layers and layers of make up while leaving cracked skin exposed. So get that moisturizer that suits your skin type and ensure that you have an adequately conditioned skin before loading it with any kind of makeup. Nobody likes dry and parched skin; certainly not the man you plan to woo!


4. Appear naturally flushed:

Use a product that gives you a naturally flushed look. It could be a cream or a blush that adds that bit of fuchsia on your cheeks. The fact is every skin tone looks good if it appears a little flushed, with a bit of fuchsia. So adorn that light foundation of yours with a light pink blush. Which man doesn’t like a woman who appears a little blushed in his company?

Appear naturally flushed

3. Don’t overdo the foundation:

Women often go overboard with foundation. What it leads to is cakey and unnatural make-up! You don’t want to appear too made up. If that happens your entire look tends to suffer. So here’s what you need to do. After applying foundation all over your face, wipe it off your cheeks with a tissue. Thus, the foundation appears natural and anything you apply on top of it wouldn’t look like it would come off at any moment.

Don’t overdo the foundation

2. Red Lipstick:

Believe it or not there’s something about the color red that make men go weak in the knees. Plus red is perhaps the most seductive and feminine color around! So get that perfect shade of red as your lipstick and see the magic spell that it casts on your man. But draw the line between extremely gaudy red and the subtle red that men actually like. Use a layer of colorless lip gloss over your lipstick and you would be ready to sweep your man off his feet!

Red Lipstick

1. Smokey Eyes:

A huge majority of men find it beautiful eyes extremely attractive. So accentuate your eyes to make the men in your lives fall in love with you, over and over again. What better than those sensual Smokey eyes to do the trick for you? Of course, you’d need to conceal the dark circles with a good concealer. So what are you waiting for? Get that perfect liner to give your eyes the edge they so deserve, to in turn get you your man’s attention.

Smokey Eyes


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