Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas

10:00 am 14 Mar, 2013

Is it possible to start a new business without spending hundreds and thousands or even more as the start-up capital? If so, would that be profitable at all? The answers to both the questions are in the affirmative. Let’s find out a few business ideas which are along the same lines.

10. Home Caterer:

With both husband and wife working these days, every family prefers to have a cook or an avenue where cooking ceases to be a worry. Dearth of time or simple exhaustion, whatever is the reason; cooking becomes an issue for such households. A business where we supply food to such houses could actually thrive well. So again it is a venture which needs no formal training, just the right attitude and money would surely keep coming.

Home Caterer - Low Cost Business Ideas

9. Stationery Supplier to Schools and Offices:

Stationery is required whole year round in schools, colleges and offices. So with the right attitude and the zeal to toil, supplying stationery could be a very interesting and profitable business idea. There is no dearth in the demand of pencils, pens, notebooks, and the likes. Hence, this could be a worthwhile business venture to.

Stationery Supplier to Schools and Offices - Low Cost Business Ideas

8. Tutoring:

With the kind of competition these days, being tutored is something that starts quite early in the lives if students these days. With the knack for teaching, this could be a good venture. In fact, one look at the success of coaching centres would corroborate the fact. It requires no investment except the fact that we need to educated and well versed in the subject. If that is sorted, we have to ourselves another wonderful business idea.

Tutoring - Low Cost Business Ideas

7. Party Planner:

There is always a party happening somewhere or the other. We could always become a party planner, of course with the needed interest in that. Throwing parties with all the arrangements and groundwork requires a lot of hard work which people would gladly pay for. So if being active socially through party planning appeals to us, then we could do that to our hearts content without using our money and still get paid for it.

Party Planner - Low Cost Business Ideas

6. Handmade Jewellery:

Fashion is a favorite topic among girls and more so among the college going lassies or the young professionals. If craft is what we are good at and if we are able to translate out talent into something worthy of being dressed in, then it is a business that could give good returns. Handmade contemporary Jewellery is very much preferred by every girl or lady out there, so it not only satiates the need for a hobby but also doubles up as a business.

Handmade Jewellery - Low Cost Business Ideas

5. Wedding Planner:

No, it is not the movie that is question but it is indeed a lucrative option to look at. Weddings never really go out of fashion and since it involves a lot of planning and preparation; it becomes the perfect business option. With people’s lives getting busier every day, there is always the need for somebody who would handle it all especially when it comes to weddings. So setting up a wedding planning business is a low cost, low capital investment.

Wedding Planner - Low Cost Business Ideas

4. Blogging:

It is interesting but the fact of the matter is anything that we are passionate about could actually also be a low cost, minimal investment business avenue. Blogging is something that is extremely popular these days. In fact, authors and product companies often take their books and products to blog owners for review and promotion. Also, a person who is good at writing would be part of the free lancing camp and eventually be able to land assignments which pay. So writing reviews, posts for specific e-magazines and newspapers again is a way to earn money without having to pay for it.

Blogging - Low Cost Business Ideas

3. Painting:

Being artistic truly costs nothing for example the ability to paint. People are gifted with several talents and it actually requires minimal investment to make a business out of it. Painting for instance apart from being a hobby, a passion could also translate into inflow of money. It requires no additional investment other that what would have been made to sustain the hobby in itself. So again painting could be that truly simple business idea which could be implemented with ease.

Painting - Low Cost Business Ideas

2. Hostel Canteen:

The one thing that any student misses during hostel life is good home cooked food. It is also very common to hear students complain about the food prepared in hostels whether in terms of taste, nutrition level or simply hygiene. So opening a small canteen to provide simple food which is hygienic and palatable in hostels could not really go wrong. It requires minimal investment and since people are actually willing to pay well for food, it could be one of those profitable business ideas.

Hostel Canteen - Low Cost Business Ideas

1. Wedding Photography:

Wedding Photography is very much the current fad. Be it the pictures taken on the wedding day, the associated functions or just an exclusive portfolio shoot of the bride and groom together, wedding photography is indeed in demand. All it takes is a camera and the talent to create beautiful memories through it. With the help of the social media, this business surely has the capacity to get the cash registers ringing.

Wedding Photography - Low Cost Business Ideas

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