Top 10 lessons that adults can learn from kids

Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 3:56 pm

Angela Schwindt once said: “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” There is so much we can learn from children. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that children possess the passageway to the elixir of life. So, why not learn from them and perhaps we may well discover the true meaning of life. Here are a few qualities that could aid us in that purpose. Learn the top 10 lessons that adults can learn from kids.


10. No compromises:

If there is something about passion that children teach us, it is the zeal to never let go of what actually matters. Children never compromise on things that they love and hence we, too, shouldn’t. After all, what is a passion that can ultimately be compromised or conceded?

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9. Observation:

This is one of the qualities that we lose pretty soon as we grow up. Children soak in everything that happens around them with great detail. They see things holistically. As adults we tend to judge far too soon, even prior to assessing every possibility. To accomplish something great we need to learn the trait of observation from children.

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8. Stop worrying:

We spend much of our adult lives worrying about everything. Children are, however, carefree and tension hardly finds any place in their lives. This is why they can actually smile easily. Perhaps it’s time we unlearn being an adult and get back to being the easy going child we once were.

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7. It’s alright to fail:

As children, failing in doing something is just part of the joyous ride of life. Kids never make an issue out of a failure. It is us adults who make a big fuss over anything. Sometimes we get so caught up in such trivial issues that our lives, too, become unbearable. Maybe, we need to learn from children that failures are indeed just the stepping stone to success.

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6. Unrestricted love:

As adults, everything is more or less about give and take or evaluation. In fact, the emotion of love, too, goes through several rounds of assessments whatever be the criteria. We always expect something in return for love as grownups but love comes effortlessly for children. They don’t care about a settled future or life savings; all they understand is selfless and unbiased love. Perhaps, we as adults could learn a lesson or two from kids on the same.

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5. Cry out:

Children cry easily and, perhaps, it is one of the reasons they forgive and forget easily, too. There is an invisible decree that stops adults from crying when hurt. The notion of putting on a brave face is far too exaggerated than it actually should be. No, it isn’t brave not to cry; it also isn’t the pre-requisite of manhood to bottle up tears and it isn’t the obligation of a dignified individual not to cry. We need to be like children who shed tears and then move ahead feeling lighter and better.

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4. Aspire for the impossible:

We must all remember how, at one moment, during our childhood we wanted to be an astronaut and at the very next moment, we wanted to be a doctor. The possibilities were limitless and we weren’t afraid of dreaming of the impossible but all that changed when we crossed the threshold of childhood. Children, in general, are not afraid to dream big and aspire to achieve what at that moment might seem unreasonable but isn’t that the very quality needed for new discoveries and inventions? The will to achieve something, no matter how challenging, is what we need to instil in us.


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3. Express emotions:

The ease with which a child expresses emotions is actually worthy of absorbing. As adults we tend to bottle up emotions because some unwritten laws warrant us to do the same. But that’s not really conducive to our emotional health. One look at children and the ease with which they express their feelings makes us realize what we miss as grownups. The complexity in relationships of adults is for this very reason of trying to suppress feelings of anger, hurt and sadness. We, undoubtedly, need to learn from kids how to vent our feelings towards others. We need to learn to let out and move on.

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2. Acceptance:

Accepting people into their lives without any discrimination or prejudice comes easily to kids. Borders, caste, religion, sex or wealth are never deciding factors in their lives when it comes to friendships or acquaintances. Strangely as we grow older and become astute adults, this gift is lost and we begin to measure people on scales which are hollow and absurd. Maybe, this is one of those qualities the loss of which brings all the conflicts and tensions in the adult world.

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1. Curiosity:

The urge to ask questions is inherent in children. Their endless queries are the unblemished examples of their chaste desire of knowing the unknown. Curiosity, in fact, is the most critical quality that governs the thirst for knowledge for without it the learning curve in life comes to a standstill. As adults we shed the cloak of inquisitiveness and stop asking questions. Whatever might be the reason but the fact is that curiosity is one of the foremost qualities we as adults need to inculcate from children.

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