Top 10 Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

12:07 pm 26 Apr, 2013

Adolf Hitler is regarded as a person who led the entire world into a frenzy of war and heinously designed a mega plan for the Holocaust. But, this is the side of him the world knows. He’s the bad guy, the desperate guy, the guy with the wicked moustache, and so on. But, very rarely do people know anything about his personal life, which is as much intriguing as his war history. So keeping aside the prevalent conceptions about the Nazi dictator, TopYaps lists some lesser known Adolf Hitler facts which can amaze you for sure.

10. Charlie’s fan:

Being a hard core Charlie Chaplin fan, Adolf Hitler flaunted a moustache (better to be called piece of hair) that was similar to the great comedian. He was advised by his personal secretary to try something new that could really make a fashion statement for the German dictator in real sense, but he took exception to what was advised to him by the others.

Charlie’s fan - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

9. Fear of blades:

Extremely brutal and too violent, Hitler, who inflicted atrocities on innocent Jews and loved watching their filmed tapes (while Jews were mercilessly beaten) in his spare time had the heart of a timid man. He resented blades as much as fire distances itself from water.

Fear of blades - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

8. Sleeping beauty:

Very few are aware that the German dictator loved spending time cuddled under the blanket, dreaming about the conquest of the world. Suffering from insomnia, Hitler worked really hard to earn enough sleep for him each night. He could never sleep before 4 or 5 in the morning, and it’s hard to imagine that he successfully planned so much without a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping beauty - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

7. Feminine instinct:

It was in the year 1937 that famous psychologist of the time, Carl Jung, after studying the handwriting of Adolf Hitler concluded that the dictator surely possesses what you call female instincts. It is one of the most interesting Adolf Hitler facts which surely makes one wonder.

Feminine instinct - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

6. Time’s man of the year:

It was in the year 1938 that much famed Times Magazine named Adolf Hitler as Person of the Year. To find a place on the cover of a magazine of repute of Time requires political stature, class, unique personality and undoubted power or influence. Hitler possessed all of these required attributes, but channelized them in the wrong direction for which he is infamous.

Time’s man of the year - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

5. High school dropout:

His mother died at an early age and this led to his disinterest towards education. He repeated sixth year twice and was also rejected by the art school. Therefore, he was not educated in the theoretical sense, but learnt the lessons of life the hard way through practical experiences. It is a surprise in itself how a soldier could rise so meteorically into a dictator in such a quick time.

High school dropout - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

4. Artist:

Hitler always dreamed to be an artist and even tried to enroll into an art school for basic education of the course only to be rejected repeatedly. He was denied by the Vienna Academy of Art twice in 1907 and 1908 and that shattered his dreams for ever. The skies had planned something else for him and this very fact was clear as he entered the army and went on to lead the country.

Artist - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

3. Vegetarian to the core:

Who could imagine a ferocious dictator who adored the sight of blood was a vegetarian to the core? Not me at least. However, it is a fact and very surprising one for sure. To top it all, his decision to adopt a vegetarian way of life was influenced after the death of his former girlfriend committed suicide after shooting herself in cold blood.

Vegetarian to the core - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

2. Soldier in WW I:

How many of you know that the dictator of Germany who led the country into World War II participated in the previous war as a soldier? In case you were not aware of the fact then it is the truth. It was from thereon that this person rose to new heights almost miraculously within a very small period of time. Not many in the history have achieved such tremendous and mercurial rise without any solid backing.

Soldier in WW I - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

1. Averse to military:

The person who rose up in the ranks of the military to become the dictator in his later life was all too averse for a career in Army. It was his dream to be an artist, but he was rejected by the Vienna Academy repeatedly. Even after World War I he wanted to enter into the mainstream politics as a political leader. Army wasn’t ever on his wish list, but had to be contended with it later.

Averse to military - Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

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