10 Indispensable Laws Of Life That No Man Should Take Them For Granted

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Updated on 19 Apr, 2018 at 8:55 pm


How many of us have ever thought about what life is? Despite the fact that we are living life in our own way, seldom has it occurred to us to ponder over what this life is. We should set aside some time to think seriously about it. Unless we know what our present life is and how it should be lived, we can’t transform it on desired lines. There can be several views on human life as different persons will view it according to their education, understanding and their own experiences. Here, we are elaborating ten laws of life for the foundation of a positive mindset.

1. Decision making

There are certain occasions in life when it becomes very difficult to take the right decision. This may be because we are not in possession of all the time information necessary to arrive at a correct decision. Another reason could be that we are not careful while dealing with that situation or problem. Yet another factor leading to a wrong decision may be that we are impatient and so we take a hasty decision. At the same time, we have to analyze as objectively as possible the reasons responsible for our failures. An objective analysis of this type will help us in our subsequent effort. We should ensure that mistake committed earlier is not repeated. Our past experiences should pave the way for our forthcoming success. With greater enthusiasm and interest make mistakes as the stepping stones for the ultimate success.



2. The art of giving


Wherever we are living, we find that there are some people who are extremely poor and unable to have basic necessities of life. Some of them do not have even two meals a day. They live in a dilapidated house. They do not have adequate clothes to wear as a result of the winter season their life becomes very pitiable. Their children in shattered clothes are seen roaming in the neighborhood and are deprived of formals school education. When you have attained a certain level of living that gives you reasonable comforts, then think of those downtrodden people who struggle hard to earn money for their survival. In all such cases, one should provide necessary help in cash or kind. Scholarships can be offered to deserving students coming from very poor families. Help can also be given for the treatment and hospitalization of poor patients. In the winter seasons, poor people shiver on account of severe cold as they do not have enough clothes. Some of them have no shelter and are compelled to sleep in the open. In short, one can find ways and means to help really needy people. It should be done without any publicity. Those who are well to do must spare a part of their earnings in such activities.



3. Hope and faith

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. Man is the architect of his own destiny. Faith or destiny is nothing more than the shadow of action and exertion.  Suppose we know certain events that are going to take place in our lives in the coming years, what will be our reaction? Most of us would think: we know our fate, why should we work? Whether we are engaged in some task or not, the result will be the same. If you carry the fatalistic attitude all the time, there can be no progress in the world. No new products, no new discoveries will ever take place. There will be complete stagnation all-around. Fate makes a man inactive and as such retards his growth. We should not depend on fate. We must understand the importance of honest and hard work. As the saying goes: Work is worship. Hard work done with intelligence and genuine interest is bound to bring success in any field.



4. Law of Karma

According to this law, every effect must have a cause. Anything can’t come out of nothing. Some people reach the age of even 100 years or more before their death while some die at a young age. Some people die a very painful death, having remained in the hospital for treatment of a serious disease. In contrast, some others die without any suffering. The basic question that arises in one’s mind is: Why so much diversity in human lives? The answer is simple: it is on account of the Karmic law. People reap the results of their thought and action in an earlier birth. If one has lived honestly, virtuously helping poor people in life, sooner or later he will get the reward. Those who are well placed and lived a comfortable life must have done good actions in their previous birth and vice versa. The soul is eternal, it is perpetual. It can never be drowned in water nor can it be ever burnt by fire. The ultimate aim of the soul is to achieve self-realization and God-realization. As one can understand, the soul will have to pass through several rounds of births and death, then only it can reach its ultimate destination. However, it can achieve its ultimate goal when it has no desire, all its previous actions preceded by causes have been settled and there is nothing outstanding in the soul’s account.

5. One must have the respect of his fellows.

At first sight, it seems that this law is concerned with the moral aspect of life. No doubt, the question of moral integrity is quite important but the law goes beyond that. Often, a man suffers great humiliation at the hands of his boss and that too openly before his colleagues. If he is subjected to such humiliation in the office or outside the office among his friends quite frequently, he may begin to lose his self-respect. Not only will such a man feel helpless and irritated, he too would give scant respect to the boss or friend and may even use somewhat offensive language. In such situations, it is advisable for him to withdraw from that place though sometimes it may not be possible for him to do so. Alternatively, he should politely apprise the boss about what he feels and that it adversely affects office work. His boss should be mature enough to understand that he has to give due respect to his junior. In this manner, the relationship between boss and his junior will improve and there may be more harmony between them.



6. One must have some satisfaction of his social needs.

Man must have a social life because he can’t live alone by himself. Except for those who have forbidden the materialistic life and who have been highly elevated souls, men are in need of social intercourse. Earlier, in the joint family system, there used to be an outlet for the satisfaction of social needs. But now with increasing number of nuclear families, man is almost cut off from social interaction. In large cities in the midst of crowds of people, man feels isolated. He lives among a crowd of strangers. He has fulfilled his social needs and should find ways and means to intermingle with his society. He may join a club or an association where he can spend time and interact with fellow members on some topic of common interests. Parents should not frown on the social pleasure of their children. If they impose restrictions on them for mingling with their kind, they must know that they are obstructing their growth.

7. Man must attain superiority in at least one direction.

Be proficient in several things. A man has to go by his aptitude while selecting his job although quite often the freedom to choose a job of one’s interest is not possible. The point is that whatever work he is engaged in, he must achieve proficiency, then only he will get respect from his group. This proficiency must continue throughout his life. Let us take an example from the academic field. A professor in a subject teaches higher classes at the university. He must not only be well informed on his subject but he should lecture in such a way that every student understands it. When students find him so good in his lectures, they will be eager to attend his lectures and give him the utmost respect. The professor too will feel very happy to know that his lectures are well-received and appreciated.

8. Energy must be given an outlet.

In our daily life, we find that many parents prevent their children from doing something in which they may be interested. Despite this, if the child has done something against their wish, they rebuke him and ask him not to repeat it. This may work for some time but if it is done frequently, this can be harmful to the development of the child’s personality. If the child is in an age-group of 14-20 years (for example), he may retaliate and disobey his father openly. Let us take an example. When we boil water, steam is generated which is enormously powerful. Now, if no outlet is available for the steam, and the water continues to boil, soon there will be an explosion. The point to understand is that if one has an urge to do something, it is not advisable to forcibly suppress that urge. The suppression of “urge to do” would be a severe setback in one’s life. It will rob an individual’s distinctive personality.

9. One must obey his inner voice.

In order to attain a well-organized life, however, man must obey his own inner voice. In fact, this law should get precedence over all other laws. So long as man is unable to hear his inner voice, he will not be able to control and direct his life. It may be noted that we can never decide rightly what another person should do. But we can hear the inner voice that will tell us what we should do. Here again, parents have a great responsibility in encouraging their children; as they grow up they should direct their lives. For this, they should provide guidance so that they can know how their own intuition can enable them to direct their lives. If one has developed the habit of regular meditation, it will be far easier to hear one’s inner voice. It will also take him towards spiritual awakening.

10. Man must order and direct his life.

This fundamental law of life says that man must be in command of his life. He must be able to shape his life according to his capability and interest. However, this is possible only when he has organized his life. He must ensure that various activities are given proper time so that life becomes well-balanced. Such a life will help avoid wastage of time and enable man to give quality output as well as provide adequate relaxation and joy to himself. Today things are changing very fast. The world in a way has become a global village. Technological changes are taking place every day. It is, therefore, necessary to keep pace with such swift changes. This is possible only when you are always curious to learn new things. You should not defer the acquisition of knowledge. If you do so, you will find yourself obsolete in your own field. In a competitive world, many others will surpass you. This will demoralize you and lead to frustration.

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