Top 10 last photos ever taken

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11:55 am 12 Dec, 2010

The ten last snaps with stack of emotions. Have a look on this page of Topyaps!

10. Wiley Post and Will Rogers:

Will Rogers (in hat) and Wiley Post, shortly before taking off from Point Barrow Alaska. The plane was disintegrated on August 15, 1935, near Alaska.

9. Elvis Presley:

“King of Rock and Roll” and a cultural phenomenon! This photo was taken on August 16, 1977 at 12.28 A.M, when Elvis was entering his Graceland mansion. The next afternoon, he was found unresponsive in his bathroom and died that evening at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

8. Albert Einstein:

This picture was taken in March, 1955, at his home in New Jersey. Later, his condition deteriorated due to internal bleeding and he died at the age of 76.

7. John and Jackie Knill:

Wave getting closer and closer! The Canadian couple were killed on January 13, 2005, due to tsunami in Thailand. There shattered camera was discovered by a Seattle man doing relief work near the affected area. He downloaded the images from memory card and contacted  their sons through website to hand over the images.

6. John Lennon:

With his wife Yoko in an interview. Later, he was shot on December 8, 1980, outside Dakota Apartment in New York.

5. Marilyn Monroe:

The iconic photo of Monroe with Greco, his pianist buddy in August 1962.

4. Michael Jackson:

Happy moments before the final day. The legend in a dance rehearsal.

3. John F. Kennedy:

Last moments of a presidential life! JFK in his motorcade just before he was shot.

2. The Fuhrer:

Hitler standing outside his bunker in Berlin. After two days he killed himself.

1. Princess Diana:

The devil’s snapshot! Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed hiding themselves just before the  Mercedes-Benz W140 crashed. Look at the expressions of Driver Henri Paul and Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones.