Top 10 lamest superheroes

8:37 am 12 May, 2012


The term superhero was first coined when superman was first released to the world in 1938. Since then there have been countless superheroes in comic books, movies and TV series. Today there are scores and scores of superhero characters that are loved not only by kids but by people of all ages. Some of the traits of superheroes are that they all wear masks to protect their identities and have a strong moral code about themselves. The world has seen many superheroes with great powers and the world has also seen some really bad superheroes with some really bad powers. There are quite a number of lists that look at the best superheroes; in this list we will look at some of the lamest superheroes ever created. 


10. Jimmy Olsen:

Jimmy Olsen appears in Superman comics as a young photographer working for the Daily Planet. Although he is not always a superhero, the creators of superman have often given him very lame superpowers. One of the worst things to happen to this part-time superhero was his ability to uncontrollably grow his beard. Besides that he also had the powers of a turtle and was known as turtle man and in another episode he was porcupine man. Present in every superman volume, Jimmy is normally just a guy who likes to take pictures of superman.


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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Jimmy Olsen

9. Cypher:

Cypher was a 1980s superhero who appeared in the X-Men series. His super power was that he could decipher any code or language that exists. Needless to say he did not have any fighting skills whatsoever and well was basically a universal translator. His powers would only come into use if the languages that every superhero and super villain spoke was different then maybe he would run around translating the languages for all the other heroes.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Cypher

8. Dawn Summers:

Well known in the TV series as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn Summers was a unique and not very logical super heroine. She could open the gates of hell on earth and because of a curse would also sometimes change her form into mystical creatures. What’s even weirder is that she owes the curse to an angry ex boyfriend. But besides he bad powers she was competent enough to fight creatures from the other world and send them backing.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Dawn Summers

7. Brother Power the Geek:

Brought to life in the late 1960s by the creators of Captain America, Brother Power was a dummy (literally) who was brought to life by a lightning strike. This dummy superhero was pretty much invincible. He had powers that could easily put superman to shame as he had super strength and magical powers too. The comic book for Brother Power only lasted two editions and is one of the shortest comics to have been made by a major comic publisher.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Brother Power the Geek

6. Matter Eater Lad:

As the name suggests, this superhero had the power to eat anything that was made up of matter, anything at all. Although a power that would come handy at times, this 1960s character from the famous Legion of Super Heroes is among the lamest superheroes to exist. The name itself could easily win the award for the worst superhero name. Although it would be really cool if he could start eating villains instead of matter or he could be a potential solution to the world’s garbage problem.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Matter Eater Lad

5. Dogwelder:

Yes you read it right; Dogwelder was a superhero who was part of the league of heroes known as Section Eight in the hit series Hitman. His way of fighting crime was that he welded dogs to villain’s faces. So think about Dogwelder the next time you plan to commit a crime as you might just end up with a welded dog on your face. He wore a welder’s costume and always had enough dogs to weld to villains. Animal rights activists may not necessarily like this superhero.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Dogwelder

4. Arm Fall Off Boy:

Another contender for the worst superhero name of all time is Arm Fall Off Boy and his powers are exactly what his name says they will be. He could detach his own arm from his body and use it like a stick or a club or even a bat. He was only featured in one Legion of Superheroes comic in where he was rejected by the Legion much to his own surprise. Despite only making one appearance he is one of the most loved lame superheroes of all time with a following even today.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Arm Fall Off Boy

3. Vibe:

The early 80s was a time of disco and break dancing and this superhero was a DC creation and was a dancer at heart. Although he was at one time in the Justice League and had some really cool super powers like the ability to create shockwaves and cause earthquakes he was always dancing and jiving and hitting on women. Much to the surprise of everyone (sarcasm) he was killed and then forgotten about.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Vibe

2. Zan:

Zan was one half of the duo of twins in the super friends series and could turn himself into water. His sister had the ability to transform into beasts while he could transform himself into water, steam or ice. Not of much use unless he had to throw himself to a villain who was allergic to water.

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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Zan


1. Aqualad:

Aqualad is the junior version of Aquaman minus the cool factor. He appears once in the superman comic series and then later on in the teen titan series. There is not much to be written on this superhero except for the fact that he was a much lamer version of Aquaman who often comes under fire as one of the lamest and yet stronger superheroes to exist in the superhero universe.


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Top 10 lamest superheroes: Aqualad

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