Top 10 Korean Movies Of All Time, Greater Films Ever

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For those of you who thought Korean Movies are quirky and not meant for a universal audience, you’re certainly mistaken. With strong characters, unpredictable plots and amazing cinematography, they are indeed a delight for all audience. The idiosyncrasy of Korean Movies, which sets them apart, is that they combine romance, thrill, horror, and much more in a single flick.

Check out the given list of the top Korean Movies of all time which you should watch:


10. Memories of Murder:

Released in 2003, Memories of Murder is based on the true story from 1986 when a South Korean woman was raped and murdered. The film revolves around two detectives, Park Doo-Man and Detective Cho Yong-Koo. They are stupid, bizarre and have no technique what so ever and no plan to solve the murder mystery. Finally, a senior detective Seo Tae-Yoon arrives at the scene of investigation and the story eventually ends with on sad, yet gripping note.

Memories of Murder - Top Korean movies


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9. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance:

The last form the Vengeance Trilogy, the Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is a bitter story about an innocent woman who servers ten years in jail for a crime she hasn’t committed. She is charged with the kidnapping and murder of a little boy. She is ultimately released from jail after 10 years. She then decides to plot against the real culprit and also go out in search for her lost daughter.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - Top Korean movies

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8. The Way Home:

The Way Home, released in 2002, is among the most cherished Korean Movies of all time. It narrated the story of a city boy, who comes and lives with his grandmother is a village setting. The manner in which the story unveils itself, portraying the unconditional love the old have for us, touches the heart straight away.

The Way Home - Top Korean movies

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7. Il Mare:

II Mare is South Korean Movie, release in 2000. The film is set in the backdrop of a sea side house, II Mare, which in Italian means “the sea.” Sung-hyun, a student of architecture shifts into a new house, and finds a letter from the previous tenet, a girl called Eun Joo who tells the new tenet to post all her mails at her new address in the city. They soon realize that Eun Joo lives in year 2000, and Sung-hyun is still in 1998, and this is how their love story begins.

Il Mare - Top Korean movies

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6. A Bittersweet Life:

A Bittersweet Life takes you through the one of the most dramatic scenarios in cinema. Crime Boss Kim Soo Boo is asked to keep track of the activities of his boss’s wife. She is supposedly cheating on the man for a younger hunk. While most audience would predict a love story to evolve between the two protagonists, the twist at the end is yours to discover.

A Bittersweet Life - Top Korean movies

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5. A Tale of Two Sisters:

A Tale of Two Sisters is among the most grueling psychopath movies from Korea. It revolves around the story of two step sisters and their step mother. Throughout the movie one keeps guessing, who is the real psychopath, the mother, or which one of the two daughters. The story keeps you glued to your seats, and the plot keeps you speculating.

A Tale of Two Sisters - Top Korean movies

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4. Haunters:

A Korean super natural thriller, the Haunter many believe makes no sense, and yet it is one of the most entertain movies to watch. Our Superhero is a man, who can read the minds of people when he sees them, but there is this one man, who’s immune to his talents. The hero has to fight against this villain in the movie. The plot is fairly predictable, and you’ll hardly need to use your brain.

Haunters - Top 10 Korean movies of all time

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3. A Moment to Remember:

A Moment to Remember is one of the most tragic love stories from Korean Cinema. The story revolves around a married couple, and how they struggle to stay together even when the wife is diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease. She’s sacred to see the day when she’d forget who her husband is, but the day does come. The audience is lead through the serious of emotional sequences, which leave you awed by the sheer dedication and love of the husband.

A Moment to Remember Top Korean movie

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2. My Sassy Girl:

One of the best Korean Comedies, My Sassy Girl is based on series of true events blogger Ho-Si-Kim describes about his relationship with the nasty stupid girl. He was lead into assisting her on one of his bus journeys. Initially he dislikes the company of the girl, but eventually he enjoys assisting her, and wants to take the responsibility for her safety.

My Sassy Girl best Korean movie

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1. Oldboy:

Oldboy, the second in the Lady Vengeance Series is one of the most gripping movies that ever came out of the Korean jukebox. The movie revolves around the story of man who is abducted on his daughter’s birthday. He is imprisoned in a hotel room and kept for 15 long years. Only through TV news does he discover that his wife is dead, and that he is the main suspect for the police. 15 years later he’s simply left on the rooftop of the hotel. He then has 5 days to find his captor, or he’ll be dead.

Oldboy - Top Korean movies of all time


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