Top 10 key points to success

Updated on 18 Mar, 2018 at 2:57 pm


Everyone wants to succeed in life. As people are engaged in various pursuits of their livelihood there are various concepts of success. Regardless of one’s vocation, Topyaps is enumerating the ten key points to achieve success in your life.


10. There is no shortcut to success:

You must be devoted to your work and put in your very best while performing it. Don’t believe in miracles. If there is any miracle, it is only sincere hard work. Circumstances, environment etc. change over time. Try to mold yourself to new positions so that you adjust yourself well.


9. Be ambitious to attain success:

One must be ambitious to attain a good and respectable position in one’s career. All the same, one must avoid daydreaming and building castles in the air. Too high an ambition that is not possible because of certain unavoidable limitations may end in frustration.


8. Forget the past and live in present:

Some people are in the habit of brooding over the past. This is most undesirable. If your mind is caught in bondage and problems of the past, you will spoil your present as well as the future. This is not to say that you should not learn from your past experiences. Remember that the past has gone into history and the future is still unknown; it is the present which should be taken care of according to your ability. If you live the present well, then the future too will be good.



7. Develop a positive outlook:

You must develop a positive outlook on your life. Thoughts have great power. If you are always thinking negatively and are obsessed with worry and anxiety over a problem on hand, you are distancing yourself from success. It is extremely necessary to have positive thoughts on whatever problem you face.

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6. Respect criticism:

If someone criticizes you for your work, habits or temperament, do not feel disturbed. In fact, constructive criticism gives you a direction where you can improve yourself. Later, you yourself will realize the relevance of constructive criticism for your long-term growth.


5. Learn new things:

Knowledge is power. You should always be ready to learn new things. This means that you should be respective to new ideas and new suggestions. Observe people and things and discuss with knowledgeable people on a subject of your interest.


4. Grab the opportunities:

You must be always vigilant in the workplace and look for opportunities that come your way. You should not let go any opportunity hastily thinking that you are not equal to the task. Carefully assess the requirements of a new position vis-a-vis your qualifications and experience and then take a final decision.


3. Don’t curse failure:

In case you fail to get the desired result, you must try to ascertain the cause responsible for it. Instead of brooding over failures, you should objectively analyze the reason in order to improve the chance of success in a subsequent effort. Occasional failures or setbacks are almost certain to occur. But these failures should not diminish your enthusiasm and devotion. These failures should be the stepping stones for eventual success.


2. Formulate your plans:

It is very important for a person who is ambitious and aspiring to attain success in life to know what he is going to do about his innovative idea. He must formulate his plan as perfectly as a draughtsman draws the picture of the proposed building or an artist paints his sketch. It must be borne in mind that nothing can take a form unless it has been first projected in one’s consciousness.



1. Strive to achieve the goal in a certain time:

You should strive to achieve your goal within a specified period. This demands utmost devotion to the chosen job and should be done after careful thought. Then a list of existing resources must be prepared so that the gaps in achieving the target can be filled. This must be followed by laying down the procedure for achieving the target. Having done this, one has to put in systematic and sustained efforts within the stipulated time. If the process for completing the job is spread over a long period, it is necessary to undertake an objective review periodically so that necessary corrections can be made.

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