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Top 10 Journalism Schools In The World

Published on 14 November, 2013 at 8:28 am By

The number of universities qualified to provide journalism and mass communication degrees continue to grow unabated around the world. There is a good chance still to get an entry level job with a media organization without degree in journalism, but most business including government organizations have made journalism qualification as a prerequisite. It may be fine to get a journalism degree from just anywhere, but attaining a degree from a reputed school will definitely rank higher than the other degrees. There are varied opinions on the best journalism schools in the world. These opinions are large subjective and based out on personal experiences. But it is true that some institutes are more reputed than the others for the course. Here we have listed top 10 journalism schools in the world.

10. Stockholm University (Sweden):

Department of Media Studies at the Stockholm University has been attracting students from all parts of the world to study and conduct research in journalism, media and communication in addition to fashion and cinema. The department comprises of two sections, Journalism and Media and Fashion and Cinema Studies clubbed into one unit. The institute is really famous for faculty members who research on media, journalism and other courses at the highest level.

Stockholm University -  Journalism Schools In The World

9. University of Helsinki (Finland):


The University of Helsinki’s Department of Media and Communication Studies offers students a full academic programs from under graduation courses to post graduate courses. The Department has a very competitive entrance and only 50 new students are enrolled in a year.

University of Helsinki - journalism

8. Concordia University (Canada):

For almost 40 years now, the Department of Journalism at Concordia University is offering student undergraduate and post graduate courses. The Department boast of alumni with great credentials. According to the University, a total of 250 students benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities and curriculum at the Department each year.

Concordia University -  Journalism Schools In The World

7. Northwestern University (United States):

The Chicago’s Medill School of Journalism at the Northwestern University is an eccentric journalism institute. It touts of distinguished alumni ever since its inception. The Medill School of Journalism has a notable distinction of sending students into 150 partnering media outlets. To make itself an unconventional school, MSJ has established Knight News Innovation Laboratory to educated students with digital and new media tools.

Northwestern University -  Journalism Schools In The World

6. University of Westminster (United Kingdom):

London is looked upon as the media capital of Europe, so what can be a better place to study media than London itself. And there is nothing that can beat the happiness of studying at the best journalism school in town – the University of Westminster’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. Providing students with practice-based courses the Department attracts students from UK and other parts of the world.

University of Westminster -  Journalism Schools In The World

5. New York University (United States):

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at the New York University is a media hub that serves local and international students well. The school offers ten various fields of study, which include rare topics like culture reporting and criticism. The journalism students at NYU are highly enthusiastic and well trained in all aspects of media.

New York University - Journalism Schools In The World

4. The University of Melbourne (Australia):

The Center for Advancing journalism at the University of Melbourne has been training and educating graduates for online, broadcast and print media. The Center has additional focus on educating student on social media. The University Center has been producing well-trained journalists for years now.

The University of Melbourne -  Journalism Schools In The World

3. Syracuse University (United States):


Based in New York, the Syracuse University is home to one of the best journalism programs in the United States, and it ranks pretty well in the world. The Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications offers students degrees up to doctorate level. Many world renowned professionals have passed out of Newhouse, and it is regarded as school for great journalistic credentials.

Syracuse University -  Journalism Schools In The World

2. National University of Singapore (Singapore):

The Communications and New Media wing of the National University of Singapore has a multi-disciplinary courses in media studies, communication management and interactive design. The school boasts of high alumni credentials and has students that are well trained in new media. The students here learn through experimental learning.

National University of Singapore -  Journalism Schools In The World

1. University of California, Berkeley (United States):

The University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism lays great emphasis on multimedia, web and digital skills. Offering graduate courses – two year masters in journalism, even in peculiar trades like documentary making and photo journalism etc., makes Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism the best institute for journalism studies in the world.

University of California, Berkeley -  Journalism Schools In The World



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