Top 10 Irritating Situations

Updated on 27 Mar, 2018 at 12:27 pm


Some situations raise your blood pressure, makes you frown and runs a devil inside you. Also, there can be things that aren’t designed or made correctly, or things that people do that just frustrate the heck out of you. However, we are representing these situations as smoking funny.


10. When you come to know that booking is closed for a movie show:

One of the most irritating situation. You were eager and waiting for the very first show like hell but huh!! You have only one option left….curse every damn thing in sight.


9. When you know the person is an a***ole but still, you have to listen to his crap of achievements:

When someone embroiders his heroic activities and the only thing you can think of is – Give me a single f****ng turn and I’ll make you realize what you are. 👿


8. Long wait:

Losing your precious time due to it. Scheduled time for arrival rises exponentially which is directly proportional to your temper. 😡


7. Need to drink but wallet is empty:

Nothing stops us from worrying about something bad happening. You could go and rob a bank, even you can borrow from your foe but heck there is no alternative to chill out your thirst. 😥


6. Waiter serving late on your table:

Even though you arrive early you are deprived from your dish on time. Nothing can stand between you and your meal. Kill him!!



5. Talking on mobile with a girl and battery dies:

Yesssss!!!! I got her number and now going to make a call. Your heart is filled with love and anticipation but the cell phone battery doesn’t care. You try your best to save it but it dies 😛


4. Slow speed of Internet:

This is really very frustrative and you don’t know that what is wrong at your end. You are keen to check mails, chat with your buddies and other stuffs to accomplish.


3. Bike stops amid the traffic:

You are running your bike in the dense traffic and on the spur of moment there arises the condition of dhurrrr dhurrrr dhup dhup. S**t man, the person your alongside gazes you with a sarcastic smile (even if he didn’t, u think so) and the vehicle at your back start honking.


2. When you try to fart but ..oops!! you s**t:

It’s better to f**t and bear the shame, than hold it in and feel the pain 😆 but oops a sneaky poop flies out. 😯  Still, you keep the mystery alive…..ugh, natural body functions. Need I say more?


1. Disturbed while masturbating:

Oh, and definitely at no. 1,  among one of the worst f****ng situations. You were busy with your skillful hands, everything seems delightful but suddenly someone knocks on the door when you were in middle of it. 👿 Your guns were almost ready to open up the fire. Beware from the next time and hang a board before you start the game – Hey I gotta jack off, don’t disturb me while whacking.