Top 10 iPhone Apps for Medical Students

10:07 am 30 May, 2013


Medical students are supposed to be updated always due to the new diseases and their procurement emerging everyday. For this reason, universities and colleges persuade medical students to purchase the gadget of their choice so that they can have a vast access to the medical applications and keep themselves updated. Below, we’ll discuss about some prominent iPhone apps that are helpful on so many levels for the medical students.

10. ACC Pocket Guidelines:

The ACC Pocket Guidelines was made by American College of Cardiology Foundation. It is a concise, portable reference tool which is preferred by students as well as clinicians. It includes the TTE and TEE criteria tools which provide the quick reference for the echocardiography. It is a very useful application for the medical students besides this is a free application on iPhone.

ACC Pocket Guidelines - iPhone Apps for Medical Students


PEPID has been a very famous name of medical application and it has a trusted content and easy integration which is helpful to take better decisions. With the help of PEPID, the health care professionals can obtain better health outcomes. Basically it contains a drug database, dosing calculators, disease profiles and symptom checker. Over all it improves time and the quality care for patients.

PEPID - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

8. Neuromind:

Neuromind is the topmost application for the neurosurgery in the world. It has been downloaded for more than 140000 times. The application is simple and the guidelines mentioned can be easily administered. With 2.1 version available, it contains new content which is very helpful among medical students.

Neuromind - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

7. Diagnosaurus:


As the name depicts it does not provide diagnosis but will help out in solving almost everything related to medical. It is cheap, very easy to download and has approved diversified explanations. Right after searching any disease, symptoms or organ systems, you will get a quick and an easy explanation offered by Access Medicine.

Diagnosaurus - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

6. Eponyms:

Eponyms is one of the iPhone apps for medical students that provide meaning to all the ambiguous and confusing words. Is it difficult to remember what that particular fracture or syndrome means? Well Eponyms have all the answers. It has a capacious collection of related data with very good description.

Eponyms - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

5. iRadiology:

It has a great collection of classic radiology presentations with particular labels, titles and analysis. This description makes the learning and understanding, simple and memorable. There is no internet connection required to view the cases by categories and also there is the availability for studying the basic radiology such as chest x rays and CT.

iRadiology - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

4. Med Calc:

It is next to impossible to remember all the medical formulas; no need to worry this application is to solve this difficulty. It is not complicated or complex yet provides a simplified explanation for all the formulas and is easy to convert units. Earlier it was free but now we have to pay a very nominal amount to access this feature.

Med Calc - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

3. Epocrates:

Epocrates is one of the most trusted and most used iPhone apps of medical professionals. There is an availability of free version that comes with pill identifier but internet connection is required. Epocrates essentials have all the explanations for disease monographs and diagnostic test. It is very organized, absolute and provides basic overview of each disease.

Epocrates - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

2. Micromedex:

All the medical students must have a reference guide to pharmacy and drug. Micromedex is the reference application with all the explanation of the drug. It contains both the Canadian and USA trade names. Micromedex has all the implication, consequential effect and the branches that are related with the particular drug. One extra addition is its Clinical Teaching section with important piece of advice.

Micromedex - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

1. Medscape:


Medscape is the topmost application for the students studying medicine. The information on drugs is extensive, the articles collection is huge and there is a subsequent picture explaining the drugs. The clinical references are about 4000+ and the most cryptic disease meaning is available with a simple explanation.

Medscape - iPhone Apps for Medical Students

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