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Top 10 Intimidating Statues In The World

Published on 26 August, 2013 at 8:45 am By

Not many would believe that still statues can be intimidating. Contrarily people have reported the simple statue of Liberty, standing there holding the torch upright can be intimidating with her sheer size and message. Many other statues are found quite intimidating, sending the spectators into submissive amazement. Here is the list of 10 most intimidating statues of the world that have been able to shake the nerves of steel.

10. Dwarapala of Plaosan Temple:

The two asuras guarding the Plaosan temple are intimidating enough to keep unwanted visitors away. Their bulky physique, fearsome face, the weapon in their hands and semi kneeling position which makes them look more alert, give them a fiery appearance. Guarding the secluded temple of Plaosan, the serene environment adds to the aura of mystery of the dwarapalakas.

Dwarapala of Plaosan Temple

9. Guan Di Icon of Yancheng City:


The 80 meter high, giant, scowling statue of Guan Yu frowns hard on visitors, scaring them out of their wits. People often worship Guan Yu as a warrior or even God, which has given rise to countless statues of the Chinese warrior. But, it was only in 2010; with contemporary technical advancement in engineering, was a befitting statue created in his honor. The body standing at the height of 61 meters, holding weapon in one hand and beard in another is made of pure copper.

Guan Di Icon of Yancheng City

8. Swords in Mountain:

Though not statues, the figures of three huge bronze swords piercing the heart of earth, buried in solid rock, is a sight to behold in Hafrsfjord near the city of Stavanger in Norway. The monument of Sverd I fjell was erected in 1983.The largest sword, more than 10 meters in height is said to be of King Harald Hårfagre who won a hands down battle against his opponents in 872, where as the smaller swords belong to the vanquished.

Swords in Mountain

7. Merlion:

The nearly 8.6 meters high statue of half fish and half lion called Merlion , spouting water from mouth can be scary at times, especially when the eyes of the statue spout laser fire. The huge statue weighs 70 tons.  The scary open mouthed figure is the trademark and symbol of Singapore.


6. Buddha of Leshan:

The 233 feet tall giant statue of Buddha in Leshan is more impressive, though the sheer size and location can be quite intimidating. The massive construction was meant t to calm the turbulent waters of the river.  Indeed it succeeded by depositing the stone removed from the cliff in the river; making the water calm and safe. Another amazing fact of the statue is the drainage built into the statue, which is working perfectly and has prevented weathering of the monument.

Buddha of Leshan

5. Rodina Mat’Zovyot:

The 87 m tall statue of Rodina Mat’Zovyot, translating as Mother Motherland Calls at Mmayev Kurgan of Volgograd in Russia is the largest non-religious statue in the world. Built to commemorate the battle of Stalingrad, the gigantic figure of woman with sword raised in one hand, beckoning her children is one of the fiercest monuments of the world.

Rodina Mat’Zovyot

4.  The Child Eater of Bern:

Kindlifresserbrunnen statue of 16th century situated in Bern, Switzerland, if not intimidating has been sickening and revolting to many. Unlike many statues which overwhelm you with their sheer size, this statue strikes hard with the expression on the face of the children and gross act itself where you see an ogre or Cronus putting a naked child inside his mouth. There are more beneath his feet in a bag waiting to be devoured.

The Child Eater of Bern

3. Statue of Lincoln:


The solitary figure of Lincoln situated in the Lincoln memorial is said to be very intimidating to people who look at the contemplating man. The 19 feet tall statue, equally wide, made out of white marble, is shrouded in mystery due to many messages it carries. The features and expression on the face of the great man has been crafted so well that it looks as though he is communicating with you. The aura surrounding the personality of Abraham Lincoln himself adds to overawing quality of the structure.

Statue of Lincoln

2. Sphinx Giza:

Looking down questioningly at the people and throwing around puzzles to be solved, the limestone statue of Sphinx of Giza has intimidated people for more than 5000 years now. With the body of lion and head of human; this is the largest monolithic monument and oldest statue of the world. It is still a mystery as to why it was built. The Egyptian Sphinx is unlike the Greek mythological sphinx, who was a woman, killing people who could not answer her riddles.

Sphinx Giza

1.  The Moai of Easter Island:


Finally, the most intimidating are the 887 existing monumental statues, referred to as Moai found on the Easter Island. The remoteness of the island itself is quite scary, moreover, even the most intelligent minds cannot explain how or why the islanders put in such huge effort to build not just one but hundreds of these figures measuring 33 ft in height and weighing 80 tons. It must have been a great effort to transport them to where they belong. The unexplained mystery has led to believe that extra terrestrials may have been involved in building of these statues, which makes them so much more daunting to people who watch them staring into space.

The Moai of Easter Island


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