10 Popular Internet Abbreviations That Are Easy To Understand

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Updated on 22 Mar, 2018 at 12:24 am


Internet abbreviations have a unique place in the world of conversations. However, the truth is that this trend has ruined the English language, but who cares? Everyone loves to follow the shortcut in their fast-paced lives, and this is the reason they sum up a new word in the urban dictionary every day. This list is merely a tip of the iceberg but abbreviations listed here are easy to understand, even to a first timer.


1. WTF (What The F***)

In the list of popular Internet abbreviations, WTF returns a lot of meanings such as “World Taekwondo Federation”, “Welcome to Facebook”, “Win the Future”, “Why to Fail” and blah blah blah. But besides all, it has a unique meaning which you use after witnessing something gross or weird. Hey, wait! WTF is wrong with me that I’m even talking about it?


Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: WTF


2. BRB (Be Right Back)


Okay, you’re deeply involved in chatting with someone important and you don’t want him/her to go offline while you have to do some urgent task. Here, in this case, you use the silliest internet abbreviations ‘BRB’ to make them wait for a couple of moments. But cowboy, ‘BRB’ also offers an amazing opportunity when you’ve to escape for hours from a nasty online friend. I know what you guys are thinking. ‘BRB’ also has a hidden substance — “Scram, I don’t wanna talk to you.”


Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: BRB


3. TC (Take Care)

Well, chuck out the old craps of “Transfer Certificate” or “Ticket Collector”, because on Internet, ‘TC’ generates only one meaning “Take Care”. Showing concern for the friend with whom you are chatting, it also indicates that somewhere a sycophant is hidden in you. The choice is yours!


Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: TC


4. ASL (Age Sex Location)

Now listen, I’ve nothing to do about how much you’re “Above Sea Level”, because on the wide landscape of Internet, ‘ASL’ denominates that the second party is interested in certain deals such as how many years you’ve wasted on the beautiful canvas of earth, are you M or F and where do you hail from. If people are using ASL then make sure that either they are gazing you as a potential flirtation object or they are a lazy moron who can’t even view your profile. And yeah, if I’ve to confront this text; I have a straightforward reply — “Old Enough, Love It, Here.”


Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: ASL


5. LMFAO (Laughing My F****ng A** Off)

The world knows that LMFAO is an eminent American electropop duo, but in slang, it comprises the adverb form of a classic four-letter word of profaneness which starts with ‘f’, and which is widely adored by the buffs of Al Pacino. Simplistically, this internet abbreviation is a unique exclamation generated after discovering a cow crap thing.


Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: LMFAO


6. ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)

So, here is the deal. If the next person has discovered what you’ve said extremely funny and has started rolling on the floor then indeed he is hysteric. And moreover, how can a person use the keyboard while rolling on the floor? LMFAO!


Top 10 Internet Abbreviations: ROFL


7. PLZ (Please)

Well, ‘PLZ’ is the most common abbreviations which stand for “Please”, but for a moment, change your mode of imagination. The word “Please” is used as a polite addition to a request. I mean you’re scratching your head and you’re desperately seeking help from the other person, but you’re so lazy that you can’t even write the word properly. WTF!


Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: PLZ


8. GTG (Got To Go)

‘GTG’ is frequently used in the real-time text-based communication when you’ve to run away after losing the online interest in the second person. Okay pal, I ”Got To Go” because ‘LOL’ and ‘K’ are still on the list.


Top 10 Internet Abbreviations: GTG


9. LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

Do you know what exactly is the beauty of ‘LOL’? Now let me explain. When on chat people don’t have anything to say then they use ‘LOL’ to keep the conversation alive. And speaking honestly, ‘LOL’ is almost an insult, which designates that your gag was not funny enough to make the other person “Laugh Out Loud”. Don’t think that they are echoing off the walls of their room while listening to your achievements of craps.


Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: LOL

10. K (Ok)

‘K’ is the foremost as well as the most popular Internet abbreviation which is used by almost every person on chat as an acknowledgment for a particular message. However, the truth is you’re lazy to hit ‘O’. K?



Top 10 Internet Abbreviation: K


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