10 Interesting Things To Do During Summer Vacation That Will Make You Wish You Had An Extended Holiday

Updated on 29 May, 2018 at 6:20 pm


Each year, we eagerly wait for summer vacations, but when they finally come around the corner, it’s all boring and redundant. After all, how much TV will you watch? Or how many computer games can you play? Even shopping, and going to the nearby malls, has a limit. Besides, these activities are cliché. There is so much out there you can do. More than a million creative ideas on how to spend your time while on a summer vacation. So, here we explore, not all the millions of idea, but certainly, the top 10 things to do that will make you wish you had an extended summer vacation.

1. Deconstruct an appliance

Ok, kids, don’t really bother to take your dad’s new Apple Mac and keep the iPads and iPods last on your list, they can get you trouble. What you can do is take the old gadgets around the house that are no longer in use. For example, take the old VCR, or an obsolete Record Player, unscrew its parts, and try rebuilding and restoring it. Using screwdrivers, tape, and many other small tools can be fun. Make the most of it, and don’t forget to learn as well as play.


Things to do during summer vacation



2. Break all the recipe rules

Yes, if the dish you make pleases your mom, it’ll be all good, but if you spoil it, be ready for a little bash. Eating the same old stuff can be boring, so why not use a bit of your gut feeling, and some unique ingredients to make something mouthwatering. Combine jams and jellies, add every new color to the recipe, and who knows, you end up creating several dishes to your name by the end of the summer.


3. Take some yoga classes

Utilizing some time meditating or in yoga is good for both the body and mind. Even children can devote an hour or two to the practice of the ancient form of exercise. And trust me; it’s not all that boring. Bringing your thoughts in control can actually prepare you for whatever lies ahead of your summer vacation.


4. Create cardboard arcades

The most fun kids can have is by creating cardboard arcades for different uses. You can make a runway for your planes, or a basketball court, or a small house for your little Barbie dolls. All you need is some cardboard from old boxes lying around in the house, some tape, and glue. Get your friends together, and maybe you could have a huge collection of the cardboard arcades for a display by the end of your vacation.


5. Camping in the backyard

Camping is always fun, but it lasts a few days, and, going outside town may not always be an option. So, taking out all the travel preparations from it, you can and plan some fun in your own backyard. Put up tents, get your sleeping bags, call your friends, arrange for some good snacks, and you’re ready for camping. Keep awake all night, tell each other stories, make your meals, and you’ll never want the fun to end.


6. Create a short documentary

Thanks to online platforms like YouTube, anyone can now create a documentary, upload it and invite friends for views. You could even build a team for the documentary. Some of you could write the screenplay and scripts, while others can direct and act in the videos. You could take a few days to the entire holidays working on this project. Who knows when your video goes viral; it might just stir the world around.


7. Start your own blog

With plenty of internet tools available, one good way to spend your summer holidays is to start a blog. Pick a topic of your choice, and start writing posts on topics related to it. You can participate in numerous blogging contests, purchase your own domains, invite fellow bloggers to follow you, and much more. It’s fun, it helps you gain knowledge, and also improves your writing and thinking skills.


8. Support a cause

While all around the year, the only way we support causes is by liking their Facebook Pages, summer vacations are good for real-time participation. Search more for the causes on the internet, maybe interact with a few people, and devote some free time working for them. You can volunteer for a number of non-profit engagements. It will surely make a difference.


9. Explore your own town

While growing up in the town you were born in, acquaints you well with all that is known, but why not explore places that still remain undercover? And trust me, there’s plenty of such places around you haven’t known or explored. Get a bunch of friends, take your bicycles, and get to a new place every week, or every few days. Take pictures, and flaunt them to your co-students, and co-workers, once you’re back after the vacations.


10. Get yourself a pet

Looking after a pet is almost like looking after your own kids. They demand your time, love, and loads of patience. You can plan to have a puppy dog, a cute kitten, a rabbit, goldfish, or even parrots. It’s fun to play with them, see them around, and give them a bubble bath. They’ll love you back for all that you give them. Take them for a walk, read them stories, and you’ll never know when the holidays come to an end.