Top 10 Interesting Facts About Orgasm

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 3:35 pm

Although, this is one of the most explored topics by the humankind, still the phenomenon of orgasm is somewhat abstract and magical, even for the most scientific brains. There isn’t any pleasure that equals to that derived from having a good orgasm. You know that, don’t you? The humankind has craved for this pleasure throughout the recorded history of civilization and since animals love sex too, apparently, they like orgasms just as much as we do! In this post, the emphasis is on orgasm, and not just on normal ejaculation. That’s right. Watching porn would never tell you anything about orgasm. There are many such interesting facts which you would find really interesting and worth knowing. Here are the best 10 of interesting facts about orgasm:

10. Time Required and Frequency of Having Orgasm:

In more than 70% of females, orgasms are the result of direct clitoral stimulation instead of vaginal stimulations. A woman would need about 20 minutes of clitoral or G-spot stimulation to attain the peak of arousal. Also, while women can enjoy it multiple times in period of half an hour, men mostly need interval of several minutes to an hour to get back and attain the aroused state again. Good for women, no?

Time Required and Frequency of Having Orgasm

9. It Can Faint Her:

The level of frenzy experienced during orgasm is capable of inducing a heart attack out of ecstasy. Yeah, that’s true. But, it’s rare. Very rare. So, don’t freak out! It is really very rare to hear such a case, but there have been quite a few when women were reported to have fainted after experiencing a powerful nerve-breaking orgasm.

It Can Faint Her

8. Duration Varies in Both Sexes:

The duration of orgasm varies for both males and females. For females, the average orgasm lasts between six and 10 seconds. In a lady is lucky, it can last for as long as 20 seconds. Among men, it’s much less than that of his female partner. It’s a meager four to five seconds. Not so great an orgasm-fact for men, right?

Duration Varies in Both Sexes

7. Substance Use, Drinking, Smoking Destroys Your Orgasm:

While orgasm is like an unmatchable fit of pleasure, about 24 to 37 percent of women, who often indulge in smoking, substance use, drinking, or medications, lose their ability to reach the climax and don’t experience orgasm for the rest of their lives. In men, it’s somewhat the same, but less frequent. So, if you’ve been having trouble in that respect, stop smoking pot, drinking alcohol and all such things for a week and see the difference.

Substance Use, Drinking, Smoking Destroys Your Orgasm

6. Physical & Psychological Benefits:

Researchers have claimed in their studies that people, who often attain orgasm, reportedly experience little or no headaches. They are also known to have less sensitivity to pain in general. Even orgasm attained through masturbation can relieve menstrual cramps, and help you alleviate stress when you are tense. Surge in oxytocin and dopamine post orgasm is believed to be the possible cause behind these physical and psychological after-effects.

Physical & Psychological Benefits

5. Orgasm and Ejaculation can be different:

Ejaculation is an anatomical term which refers to the mechanism of ejaculating, but orgasm is a subjective experience attained at the moment of ejaculation. It is possible that you ejaculate, but don’t experience orgasm. In case of men, it’s common to ejaculate post orgasm. Almost every man would experience that. But orgasm, well, that doesn’t happen every time.

Orgasm and Ejaculation can be different

4. Men Love to Watch Women Experience Orgasm:

Did you know that men find it highly pleasing to see their partner craving for an orgasm? To observe a woman’s expression and listen to her unstoppable shrieks during an orgasm is like taking a dip in a heavenly ocean for her man. A man blows harder each time he realizes the woman is experiencing the ‘real’ joy.


Men Love to Watch Women Experience Orgasm

3. Men have G-Spot too:

Everyone knows that researchers have spent a great deal of time on the mystical G-spot. They say that women have G-Spot, and if a man could hit it, the orgasm for a female can be earth shattering. It’s indeed hard to spot it inside the vagina. It was known to be present in women previously but now, researchers claim that men too have the same potential of attaining that blasting ecstasy. According to Dr. Niederberger, in males it’s called the frenulum, which is a group of extremely sensitized nerves that lies right under the head of the penis. You better start looking for it now.

Men have G-Spot too

2. Orgasm Without Genital Stimulation Possible:

Although, it’ll be hard to find such cases, but scientists have established the validity of our mind’s power to recreate orgasm from previous memories or through its fancies without stimulating genitals physically. Some women reportedly experienced orgasm while getting a massage or some physical therapy. After all, erection is all about flood of blood into the genitals and a massage can do that too.

Orgasm Without Genital Stimulation Possible

1. Aged People Enjoy Even Better Orgasms:

Often, people relate orgasm to age, physical build-up etc. A 20 year old guy is thought to be more vigorous. However, it’s quite opposite according to the scientists. They say that experience of orgasm is qualitatively better at the age 40 than it is at 20. Mostly, the couples, who reach the depths of sexual playfulness with unending explorations, are likely to really know how IT is done.

Aged People Enjoy Even Better Orgasms

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