Top 10 Interesting Facts About Jack the Ripper

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They say no matter how ugly the truth is the sinner can never remain hidden from the eyes of the world. And, then we have Jack the Ripper, an unidentified serial killer, who committed five heinous murders, all of prostitutes between 1888 and 1891, and was never even identified. Over the century, detectives spent sleepless nights honing their knowledge about the murders to get clues on the person behind them, but nothing substantial came to light.


Here’s telling you the top 10 most interesting facts about Jack the Ripper, one of the most mysterious killers throughout history.


10. The Canonical Five:

During the time when Jack the Ripper was gaining popularity, many prostitutes had been murdered in the Whitechapel area, out of which 11 were registered by the London Metropolitan Police Service. From these 11, it is believed that 5 had the same peculiarities, and were the works of Jack the Ripper. These five were famously known as the Canonical Five, and all these women were murdered with their bodies ripped apart and their organs extracted neatly.

The Canonical Five - jack the ripper facts



9. Abrupt ceasing of the murders:

After the murder of Mary Kelly, the last victim, and one whose body was the worse mutilated, the murders came to an abrupt halt. No one knows if the killer was killed, imprisoned, deported or died a natural death. His existence, his motives, his disappearance; all remains a mystery to the world even today.

Abrupt ceasing of the murders - jack the ripper facts


8. Mystery suspects:

The gruesome murders of prostitutes in Whitechapel had caused uproar in the entire city and people demanded the police for effective action, but nothing could ever be proved about the identity of Jack the Ripper. There were a number of suspects, but only three of them always remained under suspicion. Aron Kosinski, was a Polish Immigrant, Montague John Druitt, a barrister and Michael Ostrog, a Russian Doctor, who were all maniacs and against women prostitutes.

Mystery suspects - jack the ripper facts


7. He took away the identity of his victims:

With what was observed from all the five murders attributed to Jack the Ripper, it is clear that he suffered from incurable mental disorders. Although psychologists cannot claim anything about a man they never met, they still assume that he hated women and thought them lowly, and worthless. The extent of this hatred was beyond limits and this is the reason why he distorted their faces in an effort to destroy their identities.

He took away the identity of his victims - jack the ripper facts


6. He got his pseudo name from a letter:

The name was picked up from a letter that was sent to the local newspapers of London. The letter was directly reported to the police, and from then onward he was addressed as Jack the Ripper. It stated that the person writing the letter frowned upon prostitutes and whores, and that he had no problem in ripping apart their bodies.

He got his pseudo name from a letter - jack the ripper facts


5. He might have been a medical professional:

The precision with which Jack the Ripper thawed the bodies of his victims, neatly and cleanly removing the internal body organs, made many believe that he had a strong background in medical science. Professionals in the medical field who inspected the corpses agreed that he must have had good knowledge of what he was doing and how he had to do it.

He might have been a medical professional - jack the ripper facts


4. Frighteningly normal guy:

It was as recently as 2006, when modern investigators put together a sketch of Jack the Ripper’s tentative appearance. They concluded that he was aged between 25 to 35 years when he committed the murders, and slashed down 5 women. With medium height and stocky build, he also featured a moustache. He was a resident of Whitechapel, where most of the murders took place, and astonishingly, he was ‘Frightening Normal,’ as opposed to the image of maniacs that look raving.

Frighteningly normal guy - jack the ripper facts


3. Jack killed only during early morning hours and weekends:

Jack the Ripper has mostly been recognized due to his modus operandi. His methods for every murder became clear as more cases arrived. He would only kill during early mornings and on weekends. It has been suspected that Jack the Ripper was single, and was awake late nights and only murdered prostitutes. It was also hinted that since Jack the Ripper had regular employment during the week days, he would kill only on weekends.

Jack killed only during early morning hours and weekends - jack the ripper facts


2. The true Jack the Ripper never identified:

Jack the Ripper still remains a mystery for the world. The only proof that he existed was the gruesome murders he committed. A maniac serial killer, he brutally killed prostitutes and butchered them inhumanly, mutilating their bodies with their organs removed. He committed murders at night, and left no single evidence behind. There has never been an eye witness to his crimes, only dead bodies with slashed throats who could tell nothing.

The true Jack the Ripper never identified - jack the ripper facts


1. More than 120 years of mystery:

Jack the Ripper, the mystery murderer from the 19th century, committed five heinous murders between 1888 and 1891, after which he disappeared. Since then no trace of him is known to the world. Generations of investigators have worked on his case seeking explanation, but to no effect. In 2006 his sketch was prepared, and till as recently as 2011, defectives have been reported to be searching and researching who the mystery man was.

More than 120 years of mystery - jack the ripper facts



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