Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

2:00 pm 6 Apr, 2013

There have been many famous and intelligent people who have attained the highest levels of fame, but just as nothing famous can escape criticism, these people haven’t escaped the scrutinizing eyes of people, too. While most of us have been fascinated with their works and have appreciated the icons for their intelligence, there are a few of us who like criticizing these achievers. Listed below are top 10 intelligent people who are often criticized.

10. M.F. Hussain:

One of the most admired modern-day Indian painters, M.F. Hussain was also one of the most controversial. Known as the bare-foot artist because of his uncanny habit of eschewing shoes on most occasions, Hussain was most criticized for his ‘Bharatmata’ painting to raise funds for earthquake in Kashmir. The painting showed a nude woman in bright pink which generated so much of political controversy that Hussain was forced into exile until his death.

M.F. Hussain - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

9. Mark Twain:

One of the best known and most appreciated humorists of all time, Mark Twain wasn’t the best with critics. His ironies and satires depicted in his novels were often considered insensitive and vulgar by critics. His famous novel ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ was criticized in America for violating the tradition of American democracy.

Mark Twain - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

8. Salman Rushdie:

The eminent writer and philosopher Salman Rushdie became a twig in the eye of for Islamic groups who condemned his novel ‘Satanic Verses’. Rushdie was condemned for blasphemy – ridiculing Islam and its functions in the novel. Because of the novel Rushdie became a recipient of global hatred and has a fatwa against him issued by Ruhollah Khomeini.

Salman Rushdie - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

7. James Thomson:

Named one of world’s 100 most influential persons by Time magazine in 2008, James Thomson is a regenerative biologist at Morgridge Institute for Research in Wisconsin. Known best for deriving first human embryonic stem cell line, he was criticized for using embryonic stem cells from human as models for his research.

James Thomson - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

6. Osho:

The Indian mystic guru and spiritual leader with an international following, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) was criticized for his speech and voice on sensitive topics like sex. People often advised him not to speak on such an issue, but Osho believed that people who forbade talk about sex are lunatics. He preached that to reach somewhere higher, one needs to know the starting point. To start from where we are, sex is a reality and the starting point.

Osho - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

5. Carl Sagan:

Carl Sagan was an eminent and renowned astrophysicist and astronomer, who speculated that life do exists on other planets and prompted search for aliens or extra-terrestrials. Sagan is a writer of many papers and books and also was a presenter of a tele-series. He had his belief in ETs even at the time of his death in 1996; a reason why he wasn’t much appreciated in the gathering of wise men.

Carl Sagan - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

4. J. Robert Oppenheimer:

The very famous J. Robert Oppenheimer is not known for his work in theoretical physics but known as the father of the atomic bomb. He helped develop and test the secret nuclear weapons in Los Alamos, but Oppenheimer was suspended by Atomic Energy Commission because of an alleged security risk. Developing a weapon that could bring an end to all mankind was why he was hated by many across the world.

J. Robert Oppenheimer - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

3. Charles Darwin:

We may have celebrated the sesquicentennial jubilee of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but it is still regarded as one of the most controversial theories. The father of evolution, Darwin is considered the most controversial scientist in history and his theory on the origin of species is still debated across many platforms particularly religious ones.

Charles Darwin - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

2. Sigmund Freud:

The eminent Austrian neurologist who’s known as the founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud is often criticized for his controversial writing on female nature. According to his theory (Freudian Theory) the main motivational energy of life is sexual desire. The famous Freud is criticized for the writing on biological nature of women, and his conclusion that women are biologically castrated men.

Sigmund Freud - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized

1. Bill Gates:

Bill Gates, once richest man on earth, is known to all of us as a humble and kindhearted former Microsoft CEO, but many who have seen his life closely and have worked with him don’t really believe so. As the CEO of Microsoft, Gates is criticized for making Microsoft an evil monopolistic organization. He is also criticized for being a shrewd leader whose workers must have a very thick skin to survive and work for him.

Bill Gates - Top 10 Intelligent People Who Are Often Criticized


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