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Top 10 Indian TV Ads Of All Time

Published on 17 October, 2013 at 8:58 am By

Do you not hate it when your favorite reality show takes a break at the time of climax? Well, I do. But sometimes, there are advertisements aired that actually make you smile and laugh. A TV commercial can make or break a brand. It has to have all the elements such as humor, sense and creativity in perfect ratio. Scroll down to have a look at the 10 best Indian TV ads of all time:

10. National Anthem ad:

Aired in 2007, this advertisement gives us a lot of positive vibes about our nation. It is no doubt the best commercial made to make the youth realize the importance of respecting their country. This ad got a very well-deserved national award. The disabled man standing to the tune of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on the radio actually gives you goosebumps.


9. Bajaj bulbs:

One of the best advertisements on Indian television, Bajaj Bulbs takes us to the yesteryears. As soon as the jingle starts, “jab main chotta baccha tha… roshini deta bajaj”, I bet every Indian starts singing along. The way this ad is picturized is amazing as well. I am very sure each one of you remembers the way the old man opens the refrigerator and his wife suddenly turns on the light.

8. Bajaj scooter:

Undoubtedly it is one of the oldest and the cutest commercials of Indian television. In those times when television was a luxury, making advertisements like, Bajaj scooter required a lot of innovation and creativeness. The colors are perfectly placed in this commercial; the famous red Bajaj scooter is a show stopper! I still remember the whole jingle in this ad, do you?

7. Pan parag:

Casting mainstream actors in TV commercials was not a common practice in the yesteryears. The Pan parag ad saw two legendary actors, Shammi Kapoor and Ashok Kumar sharing the screen for the promotion of the product. It was the first time that two superstars were seen performing in a TV commercial. The ambience of marriage and the script was all perfectly set for the atmosphere. The advertisement is still known as one of the best pieces on Indian television.

6. Dhara ad:

This Dhara commercial starring Parzan Dastur is a favorite among many people from that time. The scrumptious way in which the little kid says, “jaleebbiiii”, is super-cute. Parzan has acted really well and so have the other characters. Kids particularly loved this advertisement because of Parzan and their love for jalebis. This advertisement is still one of the most seen on YouTube after so many years.

5. Cadbury chocolates:

All Cadbury commercials are innovative and attract the audience towards the melting-in-your-mouth chocolate. But, this particular ad gained the highest popularity. Set around the festive time, a family is shown eating dinner where a little girl refuses to give her chocolate with the cutest possible no. The expressions of the girl in this ad are simply awesome and the way she eats it, makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

4. Flipkart:


Flipkart came with a very unusual and cute idea of featuring kids in their campaign. These kids were wonderful actors and the advertisements were real fun to watch. The credit for making this commercial successful, goes to the creative team and the child actors who performed brilliantly. There were a series of ads in this campaign and all were wonderfully set. These commercials surely motivate you for buying stuff from Flipkart, don’t they?

3. Airtel:

Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai… this advertisement of Airtel was one of the most famous of its time. The jingle became so popular that is was frequently seen as ringtones of many users. Amitabh Bhattacharya wrote the song in a language that the youth easily connected to.  The year in which Airtel ran its ‘frienship campaign’ was one of the most successful years after their downfall.

2. Camlin Marker Ad:

This is one of the best advertisements made in India. Promoting Camlin markers, the commercial shows a woman sitting besides her husband who is breathing his last. As soon as the man dies, other women come to wipe off the vermillion dot on the female’s head. When the dot doesn’t come off (made by a Camlin marker), the man starts breathing again. Well, it happens only in India!

1. Vodafone:


Weren’t the zoo zoo’s your favorite? Well, it is really difficult to hate them. They are super-cute. Vodafone started its campaign with the highest-grossing animated figure known as the zoo zoos. Soon they replaced the cute pug dog and became quite famous among the masses.

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