Top 10 hottest girls in gaming

8:51 am 17 Dec, 2012


Video games have come a long way since the days of Tennis for Two and the Space Wars, and so have the girls in the gaming world. Women in gaming have transformed tremendously since Prince of Zelda and Princess Peach and are now considered as game selling sex symbols. With every year seeing more and more digital hotties making to the screen, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 hottest girls in gaming.

10. Rubi Malone:

The heroine of 2009 third-person shooter action video game Wet, Rubi Malone (voiced by actress Eliza Dushku) is a black haired and green eyed 5 feet 7 inch hottie who has the tact of acrobatics and the finesse of using swords and guns. A tough and sexy American problem solver, she is fearless and works for money. At the right price she can fix any problem.

Rubi Malone is one of the hottest girls in gaming

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9. Cate Archer:


Catherine Ann Archer, a secret agent for UNITY — British-based counter-terrorism organization, is better known as Cate Archer. The protagonist of No One Lives Forever video game series by Monolith Productions, Cate is a sexy character styled after the famous model and actress Mitzi Martin. Voiced by American voice actress Kit Harris, Cate Archer is worth every glimpse on the screen.

Cate Archer is among one of the hottest girls in gaming

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8. Jill Valentine:

The lead character in the Resident Evil horror franchise by Capcom, Jill Valentine is a half-French, half-Japanese by origin, which makes her the attractive hottie that she is. Jill Valentine is considered as one of the most hottest girls in gaming and her appearance says it all. Jill debuted as protagonist of Resident Evil in 1996 as a member of the U.S. special police force STARS.

Jill Valentine is among one of the hottest girls in gaming

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7. Kitana:

The lead character introduced first in fighting game Mortal Kombat II in 1993, the Princess of other-dimensional realm of Edenia, Kitana is as sexy as it can get. Princess Kitana is 10,000 years old, considered young in her realm of Edenia, which makes Kitana appearance like a hot girl in her twenties. With brown eyes, thick pink lips, and long eyelashes, Kitana is way too sexy than any princess in the gaming history.

Kitana is among one of the hottest girls in gaming

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6. Rayne:

The protagonist of the BloodRayne series of video games by Majesco Entertainment, Agent BloodRayne, better known as Rayne is perhaps the hottest vampires you’ll ever see. Born after her mother was raped by her vampire father, Rayne is a bloodthirsty American dhampir who spends her youth hunting down her vampire father. If Rayne was for real, you’d want a vampire like her to bite out of you.

Rayne is one among the hottest girls in gaming

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5. Sophitia Alexandra:

Combining the finesse of warrior with the attractiveness of a model, Sophitia Alexandra is one of the lead characters in the Soul series of fighting video games by Namco’s Project Soul division. Sophitia Alexandra first appeared in the Soul Edge and has ever since been a part of all its subsequent sequels. Sophitia’s super sexy attire is great help in wording off the blows if any manage to penetrate through her sword and shield combo that the hot babe uses so well.

Sophitia Alexandra is one among hottest girls in gaming

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4. Tifa Lockhart:

Tifa Lockhard is one of the main protagonists in inarguably the best of the Final Fantasy games by Tetsuya Nomura – the Final Fantasy VII. One of the hottest girls in gaming, Tifa is strong enough with great physical strength and incredible martial arts skills. Tifa is childhood friend of Cloud Strife and she owns a bar. Now, imagine a hot chick in tight cloths to serve you beer. Anyone?

Tifa Lockhart is one among hottest girls in gaming

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3. Christie:

The cold-blooded chick with a sadistic streak to kill, Christie is a professional assassin who debuted in 2001 title Dead or Alive 3. The only female villain alongside Alpha, Christie is a sublime fusion of hotness and attitude. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, Christie is the tallest woman out of the Dead or Alive fighters, with steel-gray eyes and awesome white hair. Portrayed as a charming young assassin, Christie is professional assassin, cold and absolutely callous towards others.

Christie is one among hottest girls in gaming

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2. Joanna Dark:

The perfect blue-eyed babe of video games, Joanna Dark is the protagonist of the Perfect Dark series of games. Joanna plays a secret agent who specializes in espionage, combat and undercover operations. Her athletic build and pale complexion makes her a perfect deceptive woman with looks to kill. Joanna has blonde streak red shoulder-length hair that makes this female version of James Bond look cool and immensely attractive.

Joanna Dark ranks 2nd in the list of hottest girls in gaming

1. Lara Croft:

When it comes to listing the hottest babes in video games, Lara Croft – the lead from Tomb Raider series of games is undoubtedly the best in the list of hottest girls in gaming. Very realistically proportioned in both appearance and ability, Lara Croft has developed as a sexy character with the progress of the series. Characterized by brown eyes and brown hair well groomed in a plait or ponytail – Lara who first appeared in the game series in 1996 is extremely intelligent and has a really athletic body to compliment it.

Lara Croft is the hottest girl in gaming


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