Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians

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5:35 pm 13 Jan, 2011

Ten hottest female politicians enlisted are enough to send a chill down your spine. There was a time when politics was considered as a no-go arena for hotties. But recent entries of bombshells in the showbiz of ugly has changed the face of political stage. Have a look below on some of the drop-dead gorgeous female politicians around the world and also suggest your own choices, if you think they deserve the list.

10. Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine):

Daringly stylish and queen of smoking beauty, Yulia was a successful business woman before becoming the first female prime minister of Ukraine. She entered in the mainstream of Ukrainian politics after completing her Ph.D. in economics. Fond of new-wave selections in her wardrobe, Yulia is counted among one of the hottest female politicians of the world and has a dream to be on the cover page of Playboy magazine.

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9. Sethrida Geagea (Lebanon):

Probably, you will love to hibernate with this drop dead gorgeous beauty, somewhere far from the chaos of society. With an advanced fashion sense and trueness in eyes, Sethrida is considered as one of the most eminent figures of the Middle East as well hottest female politicians around the world. In 1994, she earned the bachelor degree in Political Science and later married Samir Farid Geagea, leader of the Lebanese Forces.

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8. Kashmala Tariq (Pakistan):

Best known as one of the hottest female politicians of Asia, Kashmala Tariq is a parliamentarian of Pakistan who came into the stream light of fashion media, when she was spotted at a beach in Houston, cladding skimpy outfits. An object of man’s fantasies, this bombshell is an LLM degree holder from the London School of Economics. However, she is one of the most ambitious female leader of Pakistani political horizon but she has been severely criticized for “using the beds” of high profile politicians to rise in the politics.

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7. Ruby Dhalla (Canada):

Miss India-Canada runner up of 1993, this thunderbolt of seductive golden look is considered as the “women of style and substance.” Born in India, she moved to Canada in 1995, after completing her studies in biochemistry. Before joining the politics, she had acted in a movie “Kyon? Kis Liye?” with some steamy scenes. A seductress with extra hot points, Ruby is a wise selection for the list of hottest female politicians across the globe.

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6. Anna Maria Galojan (Estonia):

Mamma mia, what a beauty ! Goddess of stunning and enchanting beauty, Galojan is one of the most fragrant figure among female politicians, distributed globally. This gamine creature of sizzling beauty simply looks like a counter part of Shakespeare’s poetry. This hot-shot se*y politician has notably contributed in the development of Estonia.

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5. Eva Kaili (Greece):

Oh, man! The first glimpse of this knockout package resembles the best sketch of an alcoholic artist. Hotter than hot, Kaili had also worked as a television newscaster apart from her political job. I bet, this lady can create trouble for high profile fashion models, if participates in any international fashion show.

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4. Joanna Kabaeve (Poland):

In 2007, the political gallery of Poland was blessed with the aroma of sweetness, when Joanna Kabaeve joined it as a representer of Lubin City. Ph.D. holder in economics, Joanna has a beauty which can make you say “OMFG ! I wish I can go for a night out on weekend with this hardcore piece.”

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3. Alina Kabaeva (Russia):

Believe it or not but this hottie has got tools that can make you sweat even in the deep freezing winter. An attractive gymnast, Alina joined the United Russia Party and became the member of parliament in 2007. She was also spotlighted by Russian media for her ‘private affair‘ with contemporary president, Vladimir Putin.

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2. Maria Rosaria Carfagna (Italy):

Maira La Bella! Considered as the most beautiful female minister of the world, Carfagna is well know for her “topless model” image. However, her appearance and background is often criticized in the current political arena of Italy but this firebrand lady simply refuses the allegations made on her. She is also believed as the “little butterfly” of Silvio Berlusconi.

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1. Orly Levy (Israel):

The most angelic creation of political world, Orly’s single glimpse is enough to arouse your adoration. With her straight shooter look and everlasting smile, she is one of the most hottest object for Israeli media. Mother of three, Orly has also served in the Israeli Air Force  for a short time. Indeed, obsession of beauty never dies and Orly gives us good reason to keep it alive. This lady is indeed made to top all sort of charts dealing with hottest female politicians.

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