Top 10 Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

1:12 pm 11 Jun, 2013

Day in and day out there is some bizarre and shocking story which leaves you completely disgusted, disheartened and reeling with distrust. There are lots of differences in our respective schools of thought; loss of compassion, patience and loss of love in human civilization has made boundless changes in our thought processes. All these wrongdoings are also given a name of today’s lifestyle or blamed on the upbringing of an individual but the harsh truth is that all of it is just in a moment of heat and desperation where these crimes take place. Read on and recall the top 10 most horrific stories that stirred humanity.


10. Ahmad Suradaji – a sorcerer turned murderer:

Ahmad Suradaji, a sorcerer and cattle-breeder, who, acting on his father’s superstitious beliefs, turned into a serial killer so as to become a mystic healer. The psychotic used to bury young women up to their waist in his sugarcane fields and strangled them in order to drink their saliva. All the women he killed came to this witch doctor with full conviction and faith that he would help them in ensuring faithfulness of their spouses; make them richer and healthier. Ahmad confessed killing 42 women. Bodies of all 42 women have been exhumed but 80 more families filed reports of missing women.

Ahmad Suradaji – a sorcerer turned murderer - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

9. The next door couple turned serial killers:

A disturbed adolescent grew into a nymphomaniac adult and married a likeminded woman. David and Catherine Birnie was an Australian couple from Perth. They committed four murders; all victims being women ranging in age from 15-31. These crimes had no specific motive but only to satisfy their lust, something they used as an antidote for their disturbed state of minds. David raped and murdered these innocent women and Catherine helped carry out these perfect crimes. Both were convicted but David committed suicide by hanging himself before he was to appear in a court hearing. Catherine is still imprisoned and her case is to be reviewed, even though her papers were marked as “never to be released” by the Australian trail courts.

The next door couple turned serial killers - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

8. The Chinese serial killers and cannibals:

Brothers Shen Changyin and Shen Changping were partners in the heinous crime of killing prostitutes and eating out their livers. This act of cannibalism didn’t end here. To clean up their mess they used to burn the bodies with sulphuric acid and flush them down the toilet. In 2004 Shen confessed to their crimes of robbing and killing 11 women. It became one of the most horrific stories in China. They were sentenced to death in 2005.

The Chinese serial killers and cannibals - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

7. Andes flight disaster:

This fateful flight carrying 45 people became one of the most bizarre and horrific stories of its time. It brought shivers to whoever heard or read the story of how the few who survived the crash sustained themselves. A famous rugby team was flying back from Uruguay to Santiago when the plane carrying them crashed in the Andes Mountains due to bad weather conditions. Seventeen people died in the crash and the rest survived the ordeal in the most challenging conditions humans have ever faced to the extent that to ward of starvation they ate there dead fellow passengers. A rescue team found the survivors after 72 days and they were all taken to Santiago hospital where they were treated for malnutrition, dehydration, frostbite and many more problems.

Andes flight disaster - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

6. Love of rich and poor:

Rizwanur Rahman, a middle-class boy, was a computer graphics trainer and Priyanka was a rich daughter of a famous business tycoon. Rahman was allegedly murdered by the family members of Priyanka who made it look like a suicide. The couple was in love and had secretly got married. During the case proceedings that followed after an investigation, Priyanka’s family made life hell for Rizwanur’s family by leveling many allegations.

Love of rich and poor - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

5. Honor killing for honor:

Another infamous case of brutal murder was that of Nitish Kataria, a young and aspiring business executive from Delhi, who fell in love with a girl of another caste. It was only after a long drawn legal battle that justice was done and the guilty were booked and convicted in this case that was highlighted by the media. The girl happened to be the daughter of D.P. Yadav, a powerful businessman and politician. The two sons of D.P. Yadav confessed to the crime of killing Nitish Kataria by hitting him on his head and burning him with kerosene. They were arrested and locked up in jail for life.

Honor killing for honor - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

4. Jessica Lal Murder:

One of the most horrific stories of brashness of power, betrayal and greed is the Jessica Lal murder case. Jessical Lal was an aspiring model and worked as a celebrity barmaid at elite parties in Delhi’s social circles. At one such evening when she was serving drinks, Manu Sharma, the son of a powerful politician cum businessman, shot her dead by firing from point blank range over being refused a drink after the bar was closed. It was only intense public pressure and constant glare of the media that enabled the courts to convict the criminal to life imprisonment.

Jessica Lal Murder - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

3. The Torturing death of Sylvia Marie:

This was a crime full of boundless pain. A 16-year-old girl was abducted by two young boys aged 12-16 and were helped by a 37-year-old woman named Gertrude Baniszewski. The victim was kept in a dark and dingy room, burned with cigarettes and was found with ‘I am a prostitute’ written on her body that had been done so with burned cigarettes. The police also discovered that the conditions under which this girl was kept had resulted in skin peeling off from some parts of her body. No arrests have been made for this barbarous crime but the case is still before the courts.

The Torturing death of Sylvia Marie - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

2. Murder of April Jones:

A five-year-old girl child suffering from cerebral palsy was abducted and murdered by Mark Bridger, a 46-year-old man. This brutal murder caused an international stir after it came to light that Bridger scattered the remains of the girl around the house after killing her and disposed off the rest of the body in a fast flowing river. Mark Bridger was arrested, tried and held guilty of the ghastly crime and handed down a life imprisonment term.

Murder of April Jones - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity

1. ‘Nirbhaya’:

The most horrific story that shook the core of humanity in a billion plus nation was the Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case. A boy and a girl, returning from a late evening film show, boarded a bus. What happened next woke the people of India from their slumber. The horrific crime had the nation demanding safety of women and forced lawmakers to enact a sterner law about crime against women. Sadly, the victim did not survive the brutal attack.

Nirbhaya - Horrific Stories That Stirred Humanity


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