Top 10 Hindi Songs to Sing in the Shower

Updated on 17 Jun, 2014 at 4:17 pm


Singing in the shower is not only fun but also helps you get rid of the stress and tensions that life is all about these days. There are so many songs that one can pick from to hum while bathing. There is really no set rule for a song to qualify for an ideal shower tune. It could be anything from the number you last heard on the radio or watched on the television. What is important is these songs help you make showering and bathing a pleasurable experience. So here is a list of a Top 10 Hindi songs to sing in the shower or in the bath tub. Hold that shower handle and sing these aloud.

10. Bhaage Re Mann Kahin:

This song from the film Chameli is splendour dressed as music. Picture this: As the water pours down on you from the shower above, you hum this melodious number and just lose yourself in the moment. There is just one word apt for this song – awesome!

9. Dum Dum Diga Diga:

It is a very old song that featured in the Hindi movie Chhaila. Remember the saying ‘Old is Gold’? Well, this one surely is. A fun song, it is easy to hum and, as you would expect, it quite naturally brings a smile on the face. So the next time you are taking a shower be sure to try this out instead of those you usually croon.


8. Dum Maro Dum:

Well, I agree it’s not really the ideal bathing song. In fact it is not remotely related to bathing but it is surely about ecstasy and forgetting the melee of life even if for a moment. Taking a shower is often a relaxing activity where we tend to prepare ourselves for the entire day ahead or perhaps just wash away the stress and the toxins of a hard day’s work. This song only lifts up the spirit in the tub.

7. Pyar Ki Pungi:

This song from Agent Vinod is so lively that humming it in the shower is a different kind of fun altogether. If the whole idea is to squeeze out everything dull then believe me, singing this song will cleanse even the last bit of monotony out of you. It’s fun, it’s fast and a great happy shower time song.

6. O Lala O Lala:

This Bappi Lahiri-Shreya Ghoshal number can be described as a combination of amusement and joy. Morning or night, whenever you decide to take a bath or a long shower, sing it out loud. I’m sure it will bring a smile on your face which is what all things are about.

5. Ab Ke Saawan, Aise Barse:

If you remember the video and the energy with which Shubha Mudgal sang this song, you’ll get the idea why this song figures in this list. An out and out fun song, it is sure to make the whole bathing experience an electrifying one. Even your commonplace soaps and shampoos will dance to the tunes of this enjoyable number. Abke Saawan is definitely a must in this list of songs.

4. Mehbooba Mehbooba:

This song is again not related to water. On the contrary, the song was picturised in a rustic setting.   You could synch the movements of the loofah with the rhythm of this song. It might be over three decades old, but this song is all about enjoyment. Sing it out loud while in your shower and have a great time bathing.

3. Dooba Dooba:

This song was Mohit Chauhan’s first brush with success. The song is about staying immersed in love with the video shot extensively inside water. Since bathing is all about water, I’d say it’s a great song for shower time. Sing this song with all your vigour and come out fresh.

2. I am a disco dancer:

This quintessential Bappi Lahiri sonmg filmed on the great Mithun Chakraborty, I am a Disco Dancer is all about enjoyment. You might not be the best dancer or the best singer but that’s not really an essential element for being a great bathroom singer, is it? So, sing this song and yes, don’t try disco-ing your way out of the shower while doing so; you may hurt yourself.

1. Thande Thande Paani Se:

This is probably the most popular Hindi song to have been made on the nuances of singing in the shower. It is about taking bath with cold water and singing; simple as that. I’m not quite sure about the first part but I do agree with the latter. From the movie, Pati Patni aur Woh, this is certainly one Hindi song that automatically moves to your singing playlist for the shower.