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Top 10 Hindi Horror Movies Which Are Funnier Than Hera Pheri

Updated on 10 June, 2020 at 1:28 pm By

Traditionally, Bollywood fans love romantic, comic and action-oriented flicks. The out-and-out popularity of these genres rarely allowed horror flicks to establish themselves in the Hindi movie industry. However, going down memory lane one observes that during the late 1980 and early 1990s movies makers in India did experiment with horror scripts. Unfortunately, these films lacked adequate technological inputs and the result was – these movies ended up qualifying as comedies. Some of them can in fact complete with Hera Pheri when it comes to the laughter they evoke.  It‘s no exaggeration if we classify them under laughable-horror-classics. Here are top 10 Hindi horror movies, which are funnier than ‘Hera Pheri.’


10. Raat:


The movie released in 1992 was an outright success right from the time it hit the theatres. The story revolves around the typical ‘ghost’ ideas prevalent in our society. The ‘Sharma family’ in the movie moves to a new locality that exhibits a supernatural reputation. As soon as they move into their new house, a sequence of creepy events follows. From butchered cats inviting bad omen, to screaming women running from invisible ghosts, there is not a scene in the movie that doesn’t evoke laughter.



9. Wo Kon Thi:

No one could trace ‘her’ out even after spending 2 ½ hours in the movie theatre. To me the movie seemed to be asking questions from the film watchers – if they had any idea about the female evil spirit. The introductory sequence, where a young woman asked for a ride from motor driver (who was traveling on lonely roads in the dead of night for no clear reasons) to drop her near a graveyard was where it all began. She disappeared singing a song ‘naina barse’. If in reality ghosts are that melodious, a tete- tete with one is definitely on the cards.

Wo Kon Thi



8. Do Gaz Zameen ke Neeche:

This 1972 horror flick directed by Tulsi Ramsay was probably the first attempt by an Indian movie maker to introduce the audience to the concept of zombies. The simple story of a scientist betrayed by his wife and her uncle makes him defy death and return back as a zombie seeking redemption from the two. Although the portrayal of a zombie was far from real, what made the movie a success was the frenzy of laughter every scene put the audience in.

Do Gaz Zameen ke Neeche



7.  Purana Mandir:

The relationship of Saamri with Bollywood’s third-rated-horror-flicks is one of the most defining moments for the most ignored cinema of the country. The plot revolves around a 200 year old curse inflicted on a palatial house by a blood thirsty Saamri. This follows funny and nonsensically directed sequences which can only evoke laughter, and in the least inspire fear.

Purana Mandir


6. Woh Phir Ayegi:

It was the day my matriculation results were out and as expected I was depressed to the core. Really, I was! And, then I turned on the TV to Who Phir Ayegi. An unforeseen booster, this movie tickled my funny bone like no other comedy movie ever did in the past. The movie narrates the story of a married woman possessed by an evil-spirit and her husband tries hard to ward it off. His hilarious groans and overly-dramatic chants are enough to make you roll off the floor. Throughout the movie, the guy seemed to be constipated while taking the fight against the evil-spirit.

Woh Phir Ayegi


5. Bhoot:

I guess even the ‘Scary Movie’ series can’t compete ‘Bhoot’ for its entertaining quotient. Humph! Now I know why horror cinema lost its plot in India even before making a decent beginning. Ajay Devgan with his stoned expressions already looks like a zombie and therefore, any attempt to create fear on his face makes him funnier. Similarly, the ‘Rangeela’ girl could have easily won the award for best comic character had her producer been serious enough in recognizing her humoristic potentials. The movie is just the right depiction of a horror flick going abysmally wrong.



4. Paapi Gudia:

Has anyone ever heard about this movie? In case you still haven’t, then do go ahead and hit Google to know more about this hilarious masterpiece. Except for the scary name, the movie has nothing to do with horror. Oh sorry, something did haunt me for many years – Karishma Kapoor’s bushy eyebrows that almost touched her eyelids. And guess what, Shakti Kapoor played one of the lead roles. Isn’t it enough for the movie to lose its horror appeal, if it ever had any in the first place?

Paapi Gudia


3. Veerana:

A block buster in its time, Veerana was more popular for the sexy ‘chudail’ than its storyline. The same old ‘thakur’, ‘buri haveli’ and ‘ramu kaka’ with his age old lantern played a part in adding humoristic touches to the tale. Barring the ones who are born to grace this world with a frightened face, almost everyone will laugh their hearts out when they see the movie.




2. Darwaaza:

Considered to be a landmark creation in horror cinema, Darwaza remains a perfect stress buster even today. Ramsay brothers could have been easily credited for bringing out the new genre of comic-humor had the movie analysts of the time been honest to their profession. The movie created a lot of hype at the time of its release. First the producers announced to award a cash price to any person who dares to watch the movie alone, and then rumors spread that a person who did meet the dare, lost to life to a cardiac arrest.  I guess the heart failure must have been due to the excessive laughter if anything else.


1. Saamri:

A stunner in its own sense! Saamri, a movie that was supposed to be a deadly horror turned out to be competing for laurels for the best comic movie ever produced by Hindi cinema. The plot is as insane as it can get. Saamri is a wealthy landlord who is murdered by his relatives for his wealth. His most trusted horrible looking bodyguard resurrects his soul and he scares the hell out of people.




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