Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

10:00 am 23 Oct, 2013

Graffiti is the most popular form of art today among artists around the world. It is the ultimate expression of freedom which today’s artists consider being the most important part of art. While some people consider graffiti and street art to be acts of vandalism and desecration of public property but to the artists it is a medium to spread their art, express their freedom and for a lot of graffiti artists it is also a way to revolt and spread their activist ideals. Here are the top 10 graffiti artists that have created some exception art on the streets.

10. Ewok:

Ewok is a very prominent graffiti artist and cartoonist. He was always interested in art and went to Pratt Institute to study fine art. His cartoony style is well known in the world of graffiti and he continues to scribble his artwork on side of walls as well as working as a professional artist.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

9. Lady Pink:

Lady Pink is a graffiti artist that has been active from the early years of graffiti in New York. Born as Sandra Fabara in Ecuador in 1964 she was raised in Queens. She started her career by scribbling the name of her boyfriend all over NYC when he was arrested and sent to live in Puerto Rico. Soon this turned into graffiti art using her education from the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

8. Quik:

Lin Felton aka Quik is a painter and graffiti artist from New York. He was born in Queens in 1958 and started using graffiti to display his art in subways. He is known for his comical and satirical style that is known to be arrogant. His work is today displayed in some of the best museums.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

7. Sever:

Sever is a very famous graffiti artist who became famous for his artwork, “Death of Street Art”. He comes from Los Angeles and is recognized even by veteran graffiti artists to be one of the best graffiti artists in the world. His style in fluid an unique. He used colorful designs and has a political undertone to his art.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

6. Dondi:

Born as Donald White, Dondi is an influential graffiti artist. He’s one of the oldest graffiti artists that started the whole graffiti movement. In 1978 he formed his own crew called Crazy Inside Artists. He has inspired a lot of young artists and it can be seen in their artwork.


5. Inkie:

Inkie is one of the most famous graffiti artists of London from the 80’s. He was the leading force among graffiti artists in the UK. He’s worked with the likes of Banksy. He was even arrested as the leader of the graffiti movement in London. He now works with video game makers and teaches graphic art students.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

4. Dr. Revolt:

As the name suggests, Dr. Revolt is one of the pioneers of the whole revolt by graffiti movement. He started graffiti art as soon as 1977 and was part of The Rolling Thunder Writers, a classic graffiti crew of the early era. His style is colorful and inspired by hip hop. He has also designed t-shirts and album covers.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

3. Zephyr:

Andrew Witten, is a graphic artists that goes by the name Zephyr and is also a lecturer and author. He lives in New York and is one of the pioneers of the graffiti movement. He started in 1975 and first used the signature Zephyr in 1977. His style is one of the standard styles of graffiti and he is much respected in the world of art.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

2. Keith Haring:

Keith Haring is an artist and activist that characterized his art work with the symbol of “the radiant baby”. His graffiti art contains messages of peace and unity. He started graffiti when he came to New York in the 80’s. He had studied art in Pittsburgh but became very inspired by graffiti on moving to New York. Sadly he passed away in 1990.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

1. Banksy:

Banksy is by far the most successful, famous and inspirational graffiti artist of all time. His identity is unknown but it is known that he is UK based. His style is about political activism. He is also a painter, film director and activist. His street art uses sarcasm and dark humor to make political points about freedom and peace.

Top 10 Highly Creative Graffiti Artists

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