Top 10 Healthcare Companies in the World

7:30 am 1 Jul, 2013

Health care is a sector which cannot be ignored. It is also a lucrative business for many multinational corporations with diverse businesses. So you would have a telecom giant building something that at the end of the day is a healthcare boon or you would have a technological giant doing the same. Here’s a look at some such companies which worked miracles in the healthcare sector and are healthcare companies in the true sense.

10. Walgreens Health Services:

It is a business unit of Walgreens which was started in 1991. It has four primary units which include Home Care, Specialty Pharmacy, Mail Service and On-Site Pharmacy. It is involved in home delivery of respiratory therapy, infusion therapy, and home medical equipment, mail order pharmacy services for maintenance medications, and oral, injectable, and infused specialty medications for specialty categories.

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Walgreens Health Services

9. Safaricom:

You might wonder why a leading mobile network provided of Kenya is in this list of healthcare companies. Well it is because it has achieved something that many in developed nations have not thought of before for the healthcare sector. It has launched Daktari 1525, a call-in service launched in late 2011 for the healthcare sector. With a nominal fee, Daktari 1525 helps Kenyans to get in touch with doctors 24X7. The fact that healthcare providers in Kenya are very scarce; this indeed is a boon to the sector.

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8. D-Rev:

The cost of equipments and tools is the primary reason for the sky rocketing costs involved in getting a disease diagnosed, forget about being treated! D-Rev is a company working in this direction. They are attempting to bring in good but affordable tools to the healthcare sector so that a common man does not shy away from a health-checkup due to the ludicrous costs associated with it. In that direction they launched a scaled-down phototherapy lap called Brilliance for infant jaundice that costs a fraction of competing products.

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7. 3M:

3M is an American multinational conglomerate corporation which produces medical products as well in its 55,000 long product list. Perhaps its most talked about product is its cardiology-grade electronic stethoscope. It combines a digital sensor and noise-reduction technology to produce high-quality heart and lung sounds. It does away with the traditional problem of audio quality with normal stethoscopes used in telemedicine.

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6. Cipla:

It is a pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai that has been making drugs to treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, weight control, depression etc., since 1935. In 2012, it also received the Thomson Reuters India Innovation Award. It is also the largest manufacturer of antiretroviral drugs to fight HIV/AIDS in the world. It has been working to make medicines for cancer, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases cheap and in that direction in May 2012 it slashed prices on several cancer drugs.

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5. GE Healthcare:

It is perhaps one of the most well-known healthcare companies in the world. Global Diagnostic Imaging, Clinical Systems,Healthcare IT, Medical Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Healthcare Surgery and GoldSeal are its seven primary business units. It provides X-ray, digital mammography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) and molecular imaging technologies. It also provides ultrasound, ECG, bone densitometry, patient monitoring, incubators and infant warmers, respiratory care and anesthesia management among a host of other services and products.

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GE Healthcare

4. Sproxil:

Year after year we hear stories of how fake medicines killed unsuspecting people. It is hence imperative to ensure some sort of mass sterilization. Sproxil took a path breaking step in this direction by placing a scratch-off label on products. When these labels are scratched off a unique code is revealed. This code when sent via SMS to a country-specific short code gets you an instant reply of whether the product in your hand is genuine is not. Sproxil currently provided this service to several pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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3. IBM:

Yes this technology giant also features in this list for a specific reason. What’s the use of the advances in technology if they can’t be used in the healthcare sector? Perhaps that was the motivation behind IMB making its super computer unravel complex diagnosis and treatment. Along with insurance giant WellPoint, IBM is on its way to using Watson, its supercomputer, to analyze millions of pages of medical research and make a diagnosis within seconds. This certainly would speed up diagnosis, wouldn’t it?

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2. Dexcom:

It develops, manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. So do you need more clarity on why it features in this list? Dexcom has brought the niche of electronics to the blood sugar monitor. Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is one of its most popular products in the market. It uses a sensor placed under the skin of the abdomen to monitor the blood-sugar level. Without a doubt this device is a boon to diabetics and their families!

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1. Narayana Hrudayalaya:

It is one of India’s largest multi-specialty hospital chains headquartered in Bengaluru. It is famous as a center of telemedicine, a service which it offers free of cost. It is known to provide treatments to poor patients too and despite that it has a higher profit margin. The open heart surgeries in this hospital are performed at a third or less of the cost of any other hospital in India; which is very important in a country like India. It is a hospital created with the vision to deliver care based on need, not wealth.

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Narayana Hrudayalaya


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