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Top 10 Growing Trends in the World

Published on 2 July, 2013 at 8:16 am By

Times are changing. Civilizations are going from phase to phase in the face of development and in the process; they have cast aside certain values and trends of yesteryears and adopted some new ones. In this era of technological boom, many indispensable trends have emerged leaving humankind hitched to the technological advancements like never before. Not only technologically, trends are changing in personal and communication standards too. Owing to cyber-spaces and many new arenas, life has changed dramatically, for better or for worse. Here is a compilation of the top 10 growing trends that have tremendously encapsulated the world in the past few decades.

10. Trend of Skyscrapers:

One common feature of all the cities, whether big or small, and even some of the rural developments, is Skyscrapers. Wherever you go, you see tall rises that are mostly built in clusters, as if to compete with each other for the top spot. This, I believe, is one of the most common and noticeable growing trends around the world. The past few years have seen a tremendous mushrooming of such towering structures and the trend is not going to die out anytime soon, I believe.

Trend of Skyscrapers

9. Trend of Digital Communications:


The face of communication has changed radically over the past few decades. What once used to be a letter is now an email. Phone calls have turned into face-book chats and text messages. Even if there are calls, they are now video-chats over the internet. The advent of Internet has changed our life like no other development of any era. The ease of communication is probably the biggest boon for us (though the same cannot be said about someone fired or dumped over a digital connection; poor guy). What earlier used to take ages to communicate is now just a moment’s task and it has allowed us to keep pace with the rush of life today.

Trend of Digital Communications

8. Trend of Urbanization:

The population increasing exponentially has led to a massive urbanization of earth’s face. There are townships either developed or being developed all around and there is a mass migration from all parts of the world to these urban areas. Lack of amenities and employment avenues also forces movements of people from suburbs or rural areas to these towns which are built to accommodate large populations and provide means of livelihood and comfort for masses.

Trend of Urbanization

7. Trend of Tablets and Smart-Phones:

Communications on the go have become so important to us that we feel the need to “stay connected” all the time. We can’t be apart from the all important emails and bits of communication for as much as a minute. This has given birth to the trend of a tablet PC or smart-phone in the hands of every other individual. (I am sure you would know at least one individual who loves the smart-phone much more than they love their own partner.) While it is a good thing to be in touch with important communiqué, is it really that important that we can’t stay apart from the beloved device for even a moment?

Trend of Tablets and Smart-Phones

6. Trend of Diminishing Personal Touch:

We often complain of the social circles being diminished and the personal touch being lost among the best of buddies or perhaps family members. This is a global phenomenon and is brought about again by the all-mighty internet. We are so busy in the virtual world that we tend to ignore the real one. Add to this the busy schedules and late-night meetings, and we literally seem to be left with no other option but to connect via a webcam.

Trend of Diminishing Personal Touch

5. Trend of E-Shopping:

Who has the time to go to a real store and buy stuff? All the purchasing now-a-days is done on the omnipotent internet. With literally thousands of virtual stores offering a dazzling array of products, visiting stores is a thing of the past. Everything, from clothes to electronics to drugs to groceries, can now be ordered online and delivered right at your doorstep. And millions world-wide are doing just this. There has been a major trend of e-shopping in the global context which doesn’t seem to be coming to an end ever.

Trend of E-Shopping

4. Trend of Junk Food:

A shortage of time owing to the fast-paced lives we lead has been the major contributing factor to the emergence of the concept of fast-food. Most of the individuals today prefer a quick meal at a restaurant as compared to the healthier and better self-prepared or home-cooked version. Junk-food is doing so well that we can see large fast-food chains all around us, no matter where we go. From the most developed nations to nations lacking even the basic amenities, one thing is binding; presence of a fast-food joint.

Trend of Junk Food

3. Trend of Healthy Living:


This is a rage that is now consuming the whole world. A trend of healthy living is now being seen in all the corners of the earth and among individuals of all nationalities, casts and creeds. Realizing the fact that our sedentary lifestyles have led us to be susceptible to a wide variety of disorders, masses have chosen to rectify this mistake and adopt a balanced style of living that counterbalances the in-built issues of our lifestyle. The trend includes a healthier lifestyle as well as a conscious diet.

Trend of Healthy Living

2. Trend of a Single, Globalized Culture:

Due to the wave of technologically enhanced communications and extensive migratory movements, people from across the world have now turned into one big global community. There is no longer the divide of countries and areas there used to be. Though the basic psychology is still poles apart, the cultural and technological aspects of it are changing rapidly. This psychological distinction is important in its own walk, as far as it doesn’t give rise to a mutual discord and helps maintain world-peace.

Trend of a Single, Globalized Culture

1. Trend of Spiritualism:


This is one global trend that has been on the rise since a few decades now. Every single individual, due to some reason or the other, is seen to be turning to spiritualism for peace and comfort. Of late, people have realized the worth of spiritual preaching and there seems to be a massive following of the concept. Be it Europe, Asia, America or any other part of the world, people are embracing pious lifestyles and redirecting their lives towards ultimate peace.

Trend of Spiritualism


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