Top 10 Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky that Reach New Frontiers

8:00 am 22 Mar, 2013

A famous philosopher, linguist, thinker, activist, historian and much more — Noam Chomsky is an American writer who revolutionized the world at large with his radical write-ups. He has written a number of books on war, media, politics, and is regarded as one of the most read contemporary writers in the world. Here is a list of top 10 books by this great philosopher that would surely teach you a thing or two!

10. Necessary Illusions –Thought Control in Democratic Societies:

It is one of the most read books ever. The book was published in 1989. It is all about the tact of spreading misinformation by the ruling political junta in their country so that the “ruled” remain mired in confusion and useless issues. According to the book, this type of propaganda helps in limiting the chances of democracy from developing into an effective concept in order to safeguard vested interests of selected few.

Necessary Illusions --Thought Control in Democratic Societies (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

9. Understanding Power:

It is regarded as one of the most articulate and expressive books from Noam Chomsky. The book was published in 2002. It covered all major events from the past three decades ranging from the Vietnam War and decline of seemingly mega welfare-plans with the subsequent American governments. The author described the nature of foreign policy of the US towards other nations and its treacherous desire to dominate the world like no one else did ever before.

Understanding Power (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

8. Syntactic Structures:

This book in linguistics by Noam Chomsky was first published in the year 1957. It is regarded as the foundation of Chomsky’s idea of transformational grammar. The book could be regarded as a tribute to the English Language and Grammar from this great linguist but with a diverse touch of ideas that would not go down well with several traditional idealists.

Syntactic Structures (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

7. Manufacturing Consent –The Political Economy of the Mass Media:

The book was released in the year 1988. It was co-authored by Edward S Herman. The book was an addition to one more chapter in the life of Noam Chomsky who always voiced against propaganda created by existing political system of any country.  The book attacked the Media-System collusion and highlighted various aspects of the unholy unison.

Manufacturing Consent --The Political Economy of the Mass Media (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

6. Gaza in Crisis — Reflection on Israel’s War against the Palestinians:

The much celebrated book in the academician world is a collection of essays and interviews from Noam Chomsky and IIan Pappe from the Israel –Palestine conflict. It was published in the year 2010. The book is drafted in a different avatar and covers all questions related to the conflict that required serious actions from the world leaders to resolve the matter.

Gaza in Crisis -- Reflection on Israel’s War against the Palestinians (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

5. The Culture of Terrorism:

One of the most hard-hitting books on the Iran – Contra scandal, The Culture of Terrorism is another masterpiece from the great academician that was published in 1988. The way Noam Chomsky has articulated his views on the subject is absolutely dazzling and deserves applause. The author ensures readers that a solution is possible but only through resistance  The writer received high level of critical acclamation for the book the world over.

The Culture of Terrorism (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

4. Fateful Triangle:

A book published in 1983, Fateful Triangle is all about the relationship among the US, Israel and Palestine. The book analyses how the following relationship can turn out to be a win-win situation for the Palestinians and the other Arabs. It predominantly covers the Lebanon war and pro-Zionist propaganda of the American media and how some of the intellectuals in US are benefiting out of the misinformation that is spreading in the country.

Fateful Triangle (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

3. Hegemony or Survival — America’s Quest for Global Dominance:

One of the brightly written books by Noam Chomsky, it was published in the year 2003. The book was highly critical of certain sections of the society, mainly the social elites that try to maintain control over every sphere of life in the American society through different methods. According to him these elites have been in constant crave for dominance post World War II.

Hegemony or Survival -- America’s Quest for Global Dominance (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

2. Deterring Democracy:

A book that clearly segregates the difference between the imperialistic designs of the US and its humanitarian rhetoric, ‘Deterring Democracy’ was published in the year 1991. The book broadly articulates how the ambiguous foreign policies of US affect the countries around the world and create obstacles on the path of their growth. It also expresses how the main motive of US is to create an unparallel dominance over the other countries of the world.

Deterring Democracy (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

1. Power Systems:

A wonderfully crafted book ‘Power Systems’ is a collection of interviews with Noam Chomsky from 2010-2012. The books provides an insight into different issues around the world namely- the future of democracy in the Arab world, the growing unrest in the  American society towards the political set up, the Fukushima disaster in Japan and constant breakdown of the political institutions in the American society.

Power Systems (Groundbreaking Books of Noam Chomsky)

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