Top 10 Grievous Side Effects of Heavy Makeup

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:11 pm


Call is drastic change in our lifestyles or the significant influence of movie stars, women from every walk of life have become ever more conscious about their looks, and don’t mind caking their faces with heavy makeup whenever they step out the house. Makeup, which was previously considered as a luxury was only worn on a few special occasions. But, now it takes a permanent place in the hand-bags of women. Whether they are going to work or visiting a friend, they won’t leave the walls of the house without makeup. Also at the same time it would be oblivious to say that cosmetic products are marketed, targeting the female consumers only. Today their male counterparts are not far behind in the race. However what these fashion-conscious consumers have to know is that makeup if caked too often over the face can have several adverse affects on the health of the skin. Here is the list of top 10 grievous side effects of heavy makeup:

10. Pimples:

Perhaps it is the most common symptom, any individual using regular makeup experiences. It is not dangerously harmful, but nonetheless such impacts are normally long-lasting and are prone to cause constant problem. The covering up of the skin-pores often damages them permanently thereby making the problem acute.


9. Skin Allergies:

It is also a common phenomenon and mostly occurs due to the ignorance and unawareness of the user, regarding the skin type and skin sensitivity. Various forms of allergic reactions starting from rashes to inflammation are noticeable due to the use of heavy makeup. The effects might leave deep rooted impact on the skin of user, but in most of the cases they are curable.

Skin Allergies

8. Patches:

Quite similar to skin allergies, patches are also considered as a common side effect of heavy makeup. They are not very severe, but nonetheless they tend to last longer than the common allergies, making the skin look dull with an uneven complexion in the absence of make-up. Some patches are also long lasting and restrain themselves from fading even after years of their appearance.


7. Dark Circles:

Dark circles can be considered as a form of patches, but nonetheless their impacts are more severe when compared to the regular ones. Dark circles often take a longer time to be cured and often create constant marks around the eyes of a person, who is then forced to use more makeup to hide them.

Dark Circles

6. Scarring:

The extensive use of make-ups often leaves long lasting scars on the faces of the users and they tend to hide such permanent marks by using more makeup, leading to more damage to the skin cells. Scars often tend to heal under proper medication, but regular use of makeup inhibits the process.


5. Boils:


Heavy makeups also results in boils, which are localized skin infections resulting in the formation of reddened and sore areas. The treatment of this kind of issue is much more complex when compared to the previous side effects discussed in the list. Physicians often warn users to be wary of makeup products that lead to formation of boils on the skin. This may indicate the presence of harmful chemicals, which will end up damaging the skin cells.


4. Wrinkles:

Chemicals used in makeup more often than not, contribute to skin-aging as they dry-out the natural oils and essential vitamins and minerals present in human skin. Because of this the skin looses it natural moisture and texture, and starts to develop the wrinkle and dry patches. Aging women can tell you that once the skin loses its texture, restoring its suppleness and youth is the most difficult, almost impossible task.


3. Acne:

There are specific kinds of makeup products which tend to clog the pores of the skin. This practice eventually leads to the formation of blackheads and when they are not properly or regularly cleaned the formation of acne occurs. Acnes can be removed from the skin surface but the procedure is painful and leaves behind deep ugly scars in most cases.


2. Lung Disease:

There are evidences favoring the fact that chemicals used in the cosmetics often when breathed-in damage the tissues of the lungs thereby causing certain lung diseases. Heavy makeup often triggers conditions of the lungs on inhaling. The worst part is, people seldom realize that something like makeup could potentially harm their lungs and other organs of the body.

Lung Disease

1. Cancer:

Perhaps the most threatening of all the side effects of heavy make-up is the possibility of skin cancer. Though there has been considerable improvement in the manufacturing process of cosmetics, they are now being properly tested for safe use on the skin. In fact many popular makeup brands are now using only organic and natural ingredients to enhance the quality of their products and to ensure they are skin friendly. There are certain chemicals which tend to stimulate cancer cells thereby resulting in life threatening illness to the user.