Top 10 Google Chrome Tips And Hacks

12:18 pm 3 Sep, 2013

It’s not possible to imagine using and managing your internet activities without a good browser. Some years ago, it was Internet Explorer that used to be the king and the only browser available, but with rapid commercialization of web services, a number of browsers are now available with advanced options that make browsing more productive. No doubt, Firefox and Opera enjoyed the privilege for quite a long time, but the browser that has beat all others is – Google Chrome. That’s right. Chrome finds its way to our laptops, PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones as the first choice for many reasons. Here are top 10 Google Chrome tips and hacks to verify why that is so.

10. Generate Passwords:

Every time a website asks you to create an account to access the content, you imagine wasting 5-10 minutes typing all those general personal details required to create it. Password is one of them. Chrome can solve it for you. Just take some time to view Chrome Flags. Type “chrome://flags” or “about:flags” into the search box or bar, and chose the best option from the served list of cool tweaks.  It will take the burden of filling in passwords whenever the browser comes across an account creation page. Remember to sign into your Chrome account and to enable the password manager. It’ll work with Windows, Linux, and iOS.

Generate Passwords

9. Arrange/Manage multiple tabs:

Chrome allows you to re-arrange the sequence of multiple tabs. You just need to drag the tab to the position where you wish to put it without disturbing other tabs. In simple words, you can place a tab with a specific website before and after another tab to suite to your purpose.  In case, too many tabs are opened in the browser window and you find it hard to come back to a specific tab, you can choose to pin the tabs or view the tabs showing a glance of the website icon on every tab opened in your browser.

Arrange-Manage multiple tabs

8. Tab Overview:

Mac users value this specific feature for the easy experience of accessing most frequently opened websites. Simply, go to “about:flags” in browsers search bar and then look for ‘Tab Overview.’ You’ll be able to make use of MacBook’s trackpad, which is quite a good experience if you find your routine browser settings boring.

Tab Overview

7. Tumblr/Pinterest Posting:

Tumblr addicts find Facebook less luring. A great share of social networking uses tumblr and that’s why Chrome features buttons to enable you to post anything that is opened in your browser directly to your tumblr profile. It’s an extension, which you can be found labeled as ‘Post to Tumblr’ extension, which lets you share any image with different options when you right click on it. Something similar goes with the Pinterest pinbord. Like ‘Post to Tumblr’, Chrome has an extension for Pinrest as well. However, instead of right click; it works like a button on the bookmark bar. Click the button and it’ll pick up the content and images automatically from the page for you to choose from.

Tumblr-Pinterest Posting

6. Make Reddit experience better:

Reddit claims the most knowledgeable and intellectual users of social networking sites, especially, after the fall of Digg. It features exclusive and most relevant content.  Chrome gives Reddit lovers myriad extensions to improve and enhance Reddit’s overview or appearance along with performance on Chrome.  ‘Reddit Companion’ is one good example of such options. You can vote and view posts and comments after you add it to the info bar of Chrome. It also lets you view link images without clicking or opening a new tab. For Reddit commenting, you can try Threaddit. There are number of other application for Reddit for you to explore.

Make Reddit experience better

5. Omnibox:

When you aren’t sure about the exact URL address, the Google search box comes to your rescue. However, first one has to open Google in a tab to search for the URL. Chrome Omnibox works as a Google search bar when it comes across an incorrect URL address or only a keyword. Type anything in your chrome bar and instead of telling you that this URL isn’t valid, it’ll use the Google search to guide you to the correct one.


4. Secure browsing or secret mode:

Open Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + N, and a new window will open, which is the incognito mode for private browsing. Browser doesn’t record any browsing history, download history, and even the cookies are deleted after you close the browser. A very common utilization of incognito mode is to use it to login into the same site with different users. For instance, you have two different Facebook accounts, which you can’t long into simultaneously in single browsers, but in incognito page, it’s possible. That means you don’t need to install an extra browser to use your fake accounts.

Secure browsing or secret mode

3. Monitor your browser with Task Manager:

Open Chrome and press Shift+Esc. A box, similar to window taskbar, will appear with details of what’s going on your browser, like which tab or extension is taking most of your memory, CPU/Network Bytes Sent or Received/FPS to the browser, apps, or even display the process ID. It lets you control and monitor the performance of the browser.

Monitor your browser with Task Manager

2. Do Not Track:

If you are using the latest version of Chrome (Chrome 23), then you can stop any website from tracking your browsing activity. It’s also known as DNT. Press Alt+E or Alt+F, choose Settings, scroll down until you see ‘Show Advanced Settings’ option in the bottom, and chose to enable DNT.

Do Not Track

1. Plethora of keyboard shortcuts for easy browsing:

To save time and add fun to your browsing, Chrome gives you the liberty of accessing its features through a wide range of short cuts. Obviously, it’s much better than jumping into setting through the info bar and search for the feature you wish to access. The list is quite long, but some of the shortcuts for most needed features include the following:

Alt+F – Open the wrench menu (i.e chrome settings menu)

Alt+Home – Go to home page

Alt+Left Arrow – Go to the previous page from your history

Alt+Right Arrow – Go to the next page from your history

Ctrl+J – Go to downloads window

Plethora of keyboard shortcuts for easy browsing

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