Top 10 God-Sent Tips For an Amazing Sex Life

Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:42 pm

When your love is new, sex life is exciting and it would seem that you both just can’t keep your hands off each other. But as years pass on, couples tend to put sex on the back burner. From every day, the sex reduces to a bi-monthly activity in some cases! But that doesn’t have to be so. With a little help from the tips below and the zeal to keep your sex life lively you can still be the couple very much in love!

10. Kiss as often as you can:

As cheesy as it sounds, a good kiss can get the heart racing and you’d never realize how one small kiss turned into a quickie or an elaborate sex session! When you kiss there is saliva, and a male’s saliva has certain levels of testosterone which is an aphrodisiac. In simple language, it affects your sex drive. Something as simple and passionate as kissing can always lead to magic between the sheets.

Kiss as often as you can - Top 10 God-Sent Tips For an Amazing Sex Life

9. Fitness:

A great sex life demands that you be agile. With an unfit body you are more prone to being lethargic which is not a conducive to your sex life at all. So do whatever it takes to be fit, eat healthy and exercise, for those are the key ingredients to ensuring that your body remains in good shape for that romantic interlude in the bedroom.


8. Touch:

A surprise touch here and there or perhaps a gentle yet intimate hug in the midst of life’s mundane activities helps in keeping the spark alive for couples. You feel connected. There are so many nerve endings throughout the human body which if touched in the proper manner can invigorate an individual. Even at the end of a hard day’s work, just hold your partner’s hand or caress them gently and viola you can both end the day on a happy note.

Touch - Top 10 God-Sent Tips For an Amazing Sex Life

7. Be comfortable in your own skin:

Sex is something which is very intimate for a couple. But it would never work if you are uncomfortable with yourself. You need to love your body for that will make you relaxed with your partner too. You would need to shed all the inhibitions that you have and be comfortable in your own skin.

Be comfortable in your own skin

6. Indulge in foreplay:

Though cutting to the chase might be your thing as a couple but as time passes and things in the bedroom get mundane foreplay could be the unwitting savior  Take is soft and steady. Savor each moment; enjoy the connection and passion. Touch, kiss and look into each other’s eyes. Let your hearts beat faster and let you breathes run out up until the moment that the urgency gets too hard to handle. That’s when you would end up having the best love making sessions and bring back the charm of it into your relationship.

Indulge in foreplay - Top 10 God-Sent Tips For an Amazing Sex Life

5. Music:

Play some seductive music and set the mood. Music has qualities which if used suitably actually produces awe inspiring results and that’s the reason it is said to have healing powers. When it comes to sex life, music can bring the candour that you desire. It can seduce you and set up the mood. It can take you to a euphoric state and even make you forget the reasons why you had been missing out on making love in the first place.


4. Strip tease:

Well if it works in the movies, it sure can work in real life too! Spice up the mood, buy some sexy lingerie and do a strip tease for you partner. It may not be what you always do but then that’s what would make it special. You don’t have to be perfect. All you need to be is a bit flirty and a lot confident. Make your partner want you up to a point when he just can’t keep his hands off you. Basically surprise him and this trick usually never gets old!

Strip tease - Top 10 God-Sent Tips For an Amazing Sex Life

3. Dance:

Dancing intimately, face to face with your partner in your arms is in itself a highly romantic act.  Make one night of the week a dancing night. And no you wouldn’t have to go out for that. Play some great romantic numbers and dance with each other. Hold each other and occasionally kissing each other while dancing. When you are in such cozy contact with your partner with music and all the right essentials of romance, you are sure to make some moves to spice up your sex life.


2. Sleep nude:

Well what is more stimulating than the sudden touch of your partner. So sleep nude and it is sure to be that catalyst that catapults your bedroom temperature. If you are not comfortable with that, which you shouldn’t be really, still you should wear mundane night clothes as that would be a mood killer. Wear sexy night gowns or t-shirts for that would surely positively affect your libido!

Sleep nude - Top 10 God-Sent Tips For an Amazing Sex Life

1. Keep the love alive:

There is no doubt that if you do not keep the love alive, the sex would also not be that great either. You need to make your partner feel loved and keep the spark alive. From occasional notes to saying simple ‘I love You’, you need to do all to ensure that the thread that binds you is of love and not mere formality. It is then that you would salsa on the bed together each night!

Keep the love alive

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