Top 10 gifts for women

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 11:38 am


Choosing gifts for women can sometimes be very confusing. Even though there are standard gifts that you can give to any gender, there are some gender specific gifts too which are to be chosen carefully. While giving a gift is a way to show someone you care, there are gifts that perform miracles too. It is a good thing to use as much help as you can to choose a gift for a woman especially if its someone close to you. Standard and easy gifts have also become popular among people and can also almost always score a hit.

10. Flowers:

A well chosen batch of her favorite flowers is a very popular gift and can be given to any woman whatever be the occasion. The choices of flowers vary by the person and it helps to make the gift all the more special if you know what the person’s favorites are. It is a gift for all occasions and can even be given without an occasion present.

9. Chocolates:

Chocolates are also an all round gift. You can gift chocolates to a woman without any occasion present and it makes for a wonderful and very easy gift. Chocolates come in all price ranges and can also make for an expensive gift if you are looking for something exclusive which can also be quite a surprise gift.

8. Accessories:

There are a large number of accessories that are available for women. Fashion accessories like rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and other trinket jewelry always make for a great gift to give to any woman. Different shapes and sizes of such accessories work come for gifts of every type and it is an easy thing to choose.


7. Gift Baskets:

Gift baskets containing many smaller gifts have also become popular now days. The choice of the filling in the basket can range from fashion accessories to flowers to even edibles. You can also throw in other things in a basket like scented candles, incense and decorative.

6. Designer wear:

Gifting clothes especially designer wear and dresses is also a good road to take. This is perhaps best executed if you take the lady with you and help her pick out the stuff she wants. This way there are less chances of a slipup happening as far as your choices go. Nonetheless it is a great and simple way to give a gift to a woman.

5. Perfumes:

Perfumes are a great all round gift. You don’t really even need an occasion to give a gift such as this. It is easy to pick out from the numerous brands of exquisite perfumes that are available. You can also easily pick out her favorite to make it a great gift.

4. Gadgets:

Giving gadgets as gifts has become vastly popular not only because of the many different types of gadgets that one can easily find but also because of the lessening of prices of gadgets like mp3 players, phones and cameras. It is again a non occasion specific gift and can be given to any woman.

3. Handbags and shoes:

A must have for almost every woman, a handbag makes for a great gift. You can also spice things up by adding in lots of other stuff that she will like inside the handbag itself. Designer handbags are a dime a dozen and you can easily pick them out without worry. Shoes also make a great gift for women. The markets are filled up with great shoes to gift and picking them out should also be easy.

2. A Weekend Getaway:

A weekend getaway is a great gift for anyone. It makes for a great surprise gift for everyone and it is a good way to change up things too. It is a much prized gift by people of all ages and again like most gifts is not restricted to any age group. Gifting a getaway or a small vacation can also be done as a surprise gift as already said.


1. Diamond Jewelry:

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and diamond jewelry makes for the best gift perhaps for women. It is not for everyone to give as they don’t come very cheap but if you do manage to think of an extravagant gift, think of diamond jewelry as the best gift that you can give to a woman.

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