Top 10 gifts for men

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 11:45 am


Gifts are always hard to pick they say, especially when it’s a loved one you are picking it out for. The many considerations that you have to make when choosing a gift for somebody make the process of gifting a harrowing experience for some people. Although there are some gifts that are good for all seasons, some would not fit. When it comes to choosing out gifts for men, the specifics can get very complicated to say the least. That is why we have decided to compile a list of the top ten gifts for men.

10. Colognes and perfumes:

Colognes are always a unique gift to give to any man; perfumes can be included as a surprise gift. It is highly popular almost all around the world to drop in an extravagant perfume or his favorite cologne as a great and cheap gift. Certainly a winner in all seasons and in all regions, it’s bound to be liked even by a first time user.

9. Sports Accessories:

Men love some kind of sport or another and also like to take part in some form or another. The list of sports accessories that are available is very nearly infinite and varies from person to person. Golf accessories for instance make for great gifts and have become very popular as gifts for men. Memorabilia is also a good option in case you are going for sports and accessories.

8. Electronic Gadgets:

It’s a very popular and yet a very easy gift to buy nowadays. It requires little or no knowledge and we have a world of gadgets to choose from. Gadgets like mp3 players, cameras and many others would make a great gift for a person of any age and this is one of the more universal gifts that have become highly popular.


7. Front Row Seats:

Front row seats to his favorite sport are a hot pick for many people. It is a wonderful surprise gift which can do wonders for men of all ages. The best way to drop in such a gift is to quietly sneak it into his belongings for him to find out and if you really want to make it special for him, pretend like it wasn’t you till the game ends.

6. Watches:

Watches come in many different kinds and you can choose from modern gear like watches to the classical look. It can be a great gift for a person who has one and also for a person who doesn’t. There are some exquisite designer watches available and for the slightly fashion conscious, it would make an amazing gift.

5. Cigars:

Although a tad on the unhealthy scheme of things, cigars nonetheless make for a great gift. A classy feel is exhibited by some of the finest cigars and have always made for great exclusive gifts to give to men.

4. Expensive Alcohol:

This is again a gift that is only recommended for people that are legally allowed still are a very popular gift in all parts of the world. It is perhaps the touch of exclusivity that is the main ingredients of gifts such as this that make them popular. While for a person who rarely drinks, it becomes the capped bottle to keep for years, for the drinker, it is a delight.

3. A Weekend Getaway:

A getaway to a new and exciting place is a great gift to give to anyone. It can liven up a person in ways more than one and can also make for the perfect change which is required sometimes. The getaway can also be something entirely different from the surroundings and can do wonderful things for any person male or female.

2. Cars:

Cars are not the most inexpensive gift that you would give to a man but is certainly among the most desired. It is a great gift for a first timer and an even better one for someone who already owns one, just make sure it’s not the same car and a higher model. Cars and speed are two things that can excite most men at some point in their lives, and a gift car would make it all larger than life.


1. Something handmade:

Making a gift is a wonderful way to show a person that you care. It does not matter who you are giving the gift to, it is a great and yet a simple way to show them that you care and this is the greatest gift that can be given to anyone.