Top 10 gifts for men

12:32 am 12 Jun, 2010

10. Briefcase
This is a perfect gift if your man keeps busy with his meetings. A stylish briefcase will help him carry the important stuff with him around and remind him of you constantly.

9. Digital photo frame
It can be a nice gift if you want to give him a collection of your best times together.

8. Fashionable nothings
If your man is fashion conscious and into trendy looking things, it will be a good idea to gift him a small accessory of fashion that he can flaunt.

7. Wallet
Though this seems to be the most obvious choice to a lot of people wondering what to buy, it still holds it own. Most men prefer to keep a wallet gifted by their girlfriends/wives. So if you haven’t gifted it to him already, its time you do.

6. Cologne
If you already know which one he likes ( and if you like it too ;), go ahead and gift him one. Make sure you don’t go wrong with picking the right one.

5. Watch
This is a no-brainer. Though being the ideal gift for your guy, it still requires you to find out if he likes leather or metal, simple or heavy duty.

4. A sweater or a muffler knit by you
Just think of how romantic it will be. Period.

3. Gadgets
If there is one gadget that he has been eyeing for months ( and there always is! ), get it for him. Making his face light up will make that hole in your pocket worthwhile. A word of caution : guys sigh over a lot of gadgets they don’t actually need. So make sure you have a little talk with him to find out if he has any plans to own what you want to give him.

2. Tickets to his favorite sport
So we know you don’t exactly love the idea of him glued to the TV watching his favorite game. But this incentive on your part can go a long way in cementing your relationship with him. Plus a live match is always more fun.

1. Holiday trip
Yes! this one takes the cake. According to your budget, make plans to visit a great place together. Allowing you to spend valuable moments together, this can double up as a gift for the both of you. Make sure its his destination of choice, otherwise…what’s the point!

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