Top 10 Funny Websites to Follow

1:00 pm 11 Jan, 2013

We often spend hours on the internet doing practically nothing. It could be because we are tired of our emails, official sites, news and even social networking. So what do we do? What else, surf the net for humour! Of course, the WWW also has thousands of websites that can tickle your funny bone. All of them can cater to your humor needs online but we bring you top 10 funny websites to follow which will effortlessly and innocently put a smile on your face.

 10. Wimp:

A major concern for parents when they see their kids spending endless time in front of the system is that their child doesn’t get to see explicit content on the internet. is thus the best site to watch with family around. The cool video website verifies itself as a family one and has videos ranging from kids to animals and from science to sports. There are lots of funny videos in there as well as educative ones.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

9. FunnyOrDie:

Launched in 2007, FunnyOrDie is a comedy video website which very effectively combines user-generated content with original, exclusive content. A great page for fun stuff including videos, pictures, jokes etc. FunnyOrDie lets regular users, celebrities as well as established or up-and-coming comedians to upload and share funny content to its wide audiences.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

8. Jokeroo:

Jokeroo, as the name suggests, is a website full of fun and humor and definitely deserved its place in this list of funny websites. Designed as a great place for all things fun, the website has funny pictures, humorous videos and all kinds of funny materials. Touted as one of the most visited fun website on the net, Jokeroo is updated frequently by users who share and upload pictures and videos. Jokeroo also has a forum wherein users can submit funny threads to content.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

7. ComedyCentral:

Not exactly a funny video or content website like others, Comedycentral is an American TV channel which telecasts comedy programs to keep you entertained. The TV channel’s internet avatar, is a great fun place for funny shows, funny episodes and video clips. A cool presenter of all things fun, Comedycentral is one of the leading humor webpage on the internet.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

6. Break:

Formerly known as the, was founded in 1998. Another user content generated website that lets its regular users upload all kinds of stuff they consider fun. One of the best website when it comes to funny videos, pictures and other humorous content, has a very interesting concept to lure a larger reader base. It has a unique revenue sharing program which allows users to make money by putting up content on the website.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

5. 9Gag:

Just for fun as its tagline reads, 9Gag is one of the most popular funny websites you can visit for images and other content. Launched in 2008, 9Gag is more of a funny images social media website, which allows users to build a collection of amazing images effortlessly. Unlike other sites, 9Gag isn’t bundled with a mix of annoying ads that put off a reader, a reason it has grown tremendously in readership.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

4. The Onion:

Not all people seeking fun on the internet want to see funny videos and pictures to keep themselves entertained thus for them we have The Onion. The satirical news business has been up and running since 1998 and its website has been one of the most visited ones because of the humorous touch it adds to the seriousness of the news stories making rounds on the news website. Many similar websites in other countries have followed the idea of The Onion.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

3. CollegeHumor:

CollegeHumor, created in 1999 by two high school friends Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen, has everything humorous enough to attract the youth. A fun place for all kinds of comedy material ranging from funny images to hilarious videos and from funny links to funniest articles possible, CollegeHumor pioneers in featuring extremely popular original content besides the day’s funniest and most offbeat content on the web.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

2. XKCD:

If you like humor in comics, then you cannot skip XKCD – a webcomic created by Randall Munroe in September of 2005. Although has a cast of stick figures, it’s basically a webcomic on technology, science, mathematics, romance, sarcasm, language, life and love. Most commonly updated thrice a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – is one of the most famous funny websites to follow.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

1. Cracked:

A fun filled American website with plethora of funny articles, videos, pictures and a whole lot of other funny stuff, is undisputedly the most visited and the best humor website in the world. Founded by Jack O’Brien in 2007, is now part of Demand Media and is a worthy online extension of the long-running American humor magazine Cracked. Produced by a team of Hollywood professionals, is updated with new editorial content every day.

Top 10 funny websites to follow

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