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Top 10 Funny Twitter Accounts in India

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 3:48 pm By

Know about them, and you can see there is something else which is as senseless as a movie’s narration without Morgan Freeman’s voice. Yes, it is missing out some day-long entertaining and downright funny twitter accounts speaking like me and you, but in a different way. They are commoners, but keep us active and entertained even during the sleepyheaded hours of office. It’s up to you, but you guys can check out their twitter accounts to decide whether they work like Nitrous Oxide or not. Oops, raise your hands if they make you chuckle for a moment. Scroll down and read on, but remember the list starts with runners-up.

10. Stereotypewriter (@babumoshoy):

Top 10 funny twitter accounts in India - Stereotypewriter

He is a Bong whose bio reads a philosophical poetry of Rabindranath Tagore, but he is not so soft-spoken or humble when he tweets.

9. Gabbar Singh (@GabbarSingh):

funny twitter accounts in India- Gabbar singh

The modern-day Gabbar Singh is your ultimate search of the hipster hunt. I try not to miss his tweets but when I do, I call up someone to ask: Kitne tweets the?

8. A muse sing (@LoKarloFollow):

Funny twitter accounts in India lo karlo follow

If you are seeking funny twitter accounts in Indian context, visit this folk who veritably gives a stand-up experience through his tweets. You can learn from him how to tweak an iron rod by using only words.

7. Aditi Mittal (@awryaditi):

Top 10 funny twitter accounts in India

Now here is something to cut the bullcraps of gender-based errant amphibians because this girl’s tweets have balls too; surprisingly bigger than yours.

6. P.S. (@MysticPrism_):

Top 10 funny twitter accounts in India

Certainly a cartoon character by profile picture, but carries plenty of reasons to reinvent yourself. P.S. has some terrible lessons that can wet your fancy pajamas.

5. Khabarbaazi (@khabarbaazi):

Top 10 funny twitter accounts in India - khabarbaazi

The satirical beauty of mother-tongue!

4. Bhak Sala (@bhak_sala):

Funny twitter account bhak sala

When something seems utterly disgusting, you often use this term comprising two holy words. And now see it’s on your screen!

3. Trendulkar (@Trendulkar):

Top 10 funny twitter accounts in India

Trendulkar’s tweets are as straight as master blaster’s shots. If you don’t give a damn to anything, you’re welcome to his pitch.

2. Angry Bombay Girl (@shadymumbai):

Read her tweets to know why the common man is angry and deeply-disgusted.

Top 10 funny twitter accounts in India

1. Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats):

Accept it, nothing is better than armchair thinking. If want to know why, land to Ramesh Srivats’ account.

Funny twitter account Ramesh Srivats


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