Top 10 Funny Pranks of School Days

1:05 pm 17 May, 2013

School days are the best days of a person’s life, most of you will agree with me. The time you spend in school and the things that you do in school are probable the things that you will remember all throughout your life. When I got down to writing this article about 10 funny pranks of school days, it didn’t put me into a deep thought for once, I had so many of them in mind, and here I’ve listed the top 10 simple and easy to execute pranks in school to make your fun days funnier.

10. Kick me:

One of the simplest and easiest of pranks that I’ve played on my classmates in school and even you must have tried some point in time is the Kick me prank. A sticky note is pasted onto the back of the victim reading kick me, just make sure the victim doesn’t see you sticking the note. Once he/she will walk around just see how other students in the class react.

Kick me - Funny Pranks of School Days

9. Place an order:

This prank is simply but can be really frustrating for your teacher. All you have to do is, get the number of your local grocery store or an expensive restaurant in the locality of the school and then place a home delivery order for a hefty bill in the name of your teacher. Just be around the teacher when the delivery guy comes to deliver the order you just placed.

Place an order - Funny Pranks of School Days

8. Scare your juniors:

There is nothing more annoying than being scared by your seniors in school, and when you come to the 6th form; there is nothing better than scaring your juniors in the haunted area of the school or say on 13th Friday. Just clad yourself in a white robe and hide in a dark area, when a junior approaches just pop out of the blue and be there to see the junior to the hospital.

Scare your juniors - Funny Pranks of School Days

7. Steal pigs:

I haven’t really done this myself but I didn’t waste a moment to feature it here in the list of funny pranks when a friend told me about it. The execution of the prank is easy, just steal a few pigs and put 1,3,4,5,6 numbers on them, let them lose in the school campus and enjoy the scene when everyone is busy searching for the pig number 2. If caught, God save you from expulsion.

Steal pigs - Funny Pranks of School Days

6. Shower stealer:

Besides studies and sports, you do learn a little bit of stealing in school. Just be sure you don’t make it a profession though. Stealing in the shower is a good way to refine your skills. Just pick the towel and change hanging outside when the victim is taking a shower (make sure you’re swift and he/she doesn’t get to know of it) now run away and hide the stuff, make sure you get back to see your friend without a change to get out of the shower.

Shower stealer - Funny Pranks of School Days

5. Nose flick:

Nose flick is a very classic school prank that you must have tried or been a victim of some point in time. If you want to play the prank on your friend, all you have to do is, point a finger at your friend’s chest, right below the chin and act as if there is something there, and as the person looks down to see it, just flick the finger up and hit his/her nose.

Nose flick - Funny Pranks of School Days

4. Door balance:

Yet another classic school prank, but this isn’t as simple as some of the others listed. Door balance requires you to place a glass full of water on top of a partially open door. Then just be around to see the event that follows when the next person walks through. If all’s in place, the glass of water will fall onto the person. If you’re lucky, the victim may just spare your life.

Door balance - Funny Pranks of School Days

3. Pick me if you can:

Being in school one rarely gets a handsome pocket money, so whatever little cash that you can grab onto is a bonus. The prank here targets this student psyche. Just tape a thread to a dollar bill, place it on the ground and holding the thread in the hand hide yourself behind a bush or a wall, now whoever sees the cash on the ground will come to it, as the person bends down to grab it, pull the tread (and the bill) away from the person. Repeat until the person knows he’s been duped.

Pick me if you can - Funny Pranks of School Days

2. Cheat the teacher:

One of the best ways to fool around in the class and play a prank the teacher is to not do homework or any classwork for a couple of days and keep questioning the teacher repeatedly on a topic being taught. If the teacher comes around to check your work, start of dramatizing a panic attack of sorts, try and be very realistic in your acting. If lucky the teacher’s thought will divert, else Lord be thy savior.

Cheat the teacher - Funny Pranks of School Days

1. Spill him over:

This prank is my personal favorite, and I’ve done it over and over in school and ever after school. All you have to do is get a large glass of water and ask your victim to place their hand on the table with palm facing downwards. Now, place the glass (and to indulge them) ask if it hurts (the answer for sure will be negative). Now remove the glass and ask the victim to place the other hand on top of the first (in reverse again). Now, place the glass on the hands and walk off. There is no way the victim will be able to move the hands without spilling the water on the desk.

Spill him over - Funny Pranks of School Days


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