These 10 Funny Marriage Quotes May Keep You A Bachelor For Life

12:07 pm 17 Sep, 2012

Marriage: To some it is a world full of heavenly pleasures while to others it is far more tormenting than an eon in hell. Over the years, men and women have had their own judgment on the institution of marriage; not to mention the holy books which have their own take. Marriage as a topic is perhaps more serious than global warming, more confusing than the meaning of truth, and wider than the realm of science, but at the same time it is lighter than the lightest feather on earth. Let us look at the lighter part because that is what goes missing from the lives of those who are married. So cheer up!


10. Ralph Waldo Emerson (American essayist, lecturer and poet):

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

9. Mae West (Actress):

Mae West Funny Marriage Quote

8. Rodney Dangerfield (Comedian):

Rodney Dangerfield Funny Marriage Quote

7. James Holt McGavran (Author):

James Holt McGavran

6. Anonymous (Of course anonymous):

Anonymous Funny Marriage Quote

5. HL Mencken (Journalist, essayist):

HL Mencken Funny Marriage Quote

4. Joey Adams (Comedian):

Joey Adams funny marriage quote

3. Groucho Marx (Film and TV star):

funny Marriage Quotes

2. Anonymous (The same guy/gal again):

funny Marriage Quotes

1. Woody Allen (Filmmaker):

funny Marriage Quotes



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