Top 10 Funny Facebook Pages of India

8:29 am 7 May, 2013

Facebook is widely known as the place where you pour out your heart’s content and acknowledge the feelings of your friends with a “Like” or “Comment”. It surely gets boring at times and most of all, too synthetic. However, Facebook also has a funny side. Numerous funny Facebook pages with humoristic themes have created a niche for themselves on the celebrated social networking site and are spreading smiles like never before. India is not far behind as you can see in this top 10 funny Facebook pages of the country.


10. Ye kya chutiyapa hai:

“What is this badassery all about?” (That’s the English translation of the page). Isn’t this the line we frequently use among friends as an adjective to describe everything we detest and dislike? Yes, we all have used it at some point in time and the page, ‘Ye Kya Chutiyapa Hai’, essentially does the same. It gives words tour oppressions, but subtly and with a comic edge. At least I can spend a day or more without any interruption, feeding on the rib tickling posts on this page that never seems to become redundant or boring.

Ye kya chutiyapa hai - Funny Facebook Pages of India

9. Bhaiya Jee smile:

Not sure if “LOL” or “ROFL” should be the world that would fit aptly for the page, but the site is surely a class act in itself. With a motto of spreading smiles, this page is a runaway hit since the time it hit Facebook. The name is funny in itself urging you to smile saying: “Brother, smile please”.

Bhaiya Jee smile - Funny Facebook Pages of India

8. Bhad mein jaye padhai:

For all those students who want to begin their day with a dose of humor and end it on funny refreshing lines should definitely try this one out. Although there is always a thin line between absurdity and hilarity, it has never been crossed by “Bhad mein jaye padhai (to hell with studies). With around 400,000 subscribers on Facebook, the page never seems to run out on humor on education and boring study routines.

Bhad mein jaye padhai - Funny Facebook Pages of India

7. Hum sudhar gaye to tumhara kya hoga kamino:

Sounds happening from the very first time you hear its name; the site is more than a big “LOL” for anyone visiting it. The cover of the fan page, with girls dressed in school uniform, intrigues the viewer to glue into the content inside the page. The tagline of the page “Don’t take anything serious on this page—– Just Chill” has attracted more than a hundred thousand subscribers, and continues to rise every day.

Hum sudhar gaye to tumhara kya hoga kamino - Funny Facebook Pages of India

6. Ye kya bakchoodi hai?:

“Love can neither be created not destroyed it only passes from ex to next”. Now that was a punch line, wasn’t it? When humor comes well stuffed in a ‘creative sandwich’ the only option is to laugh uncontrollably while digesting it. Moreover, it will surely pain your belly. A cult among funny Facebook pages in India, more than 174,000 people were its subscribers at the time of writing this article.

Ye kya Bakchodi hai - Funny Facebook Pages of India

5. JokeZone:

The first time I joined this page, I was seriously in splits reading the posts. It is one of the most sought out funny Facebook pages by Indians with more than 800,000 likes. Humor is like a laughing gas that could very easily engulf everyone in its effects. Therefore, JokeZone is a sure shot pill of humor that could add many more years to your life without any real investment.

JokeZone - Funny Facebook Pages of India

4. Kuch bhi:

Kuch Bhi” is a Facebook community that believes in making everyone laugh with its hilarious posts. With around 100,000 likes, the page has become a synonym for humor on Facebook, especially for the Indian users. If you still haven’t subscribed to this page, you’re missing out everything that is latest on the humor front. So, without waiting more, search for it and subscribe.

Kuch bhi - Funny Facebook Pages of India

3. I need a girlfriend:

The first time I visited the “I need a girlfriend” page on Facebook a dismal image of broken hearts and sad poetry invited me. But, as I browsed further, I was taken aback by the volley of funny jokes that made me roll over the floor. It was then I realized this page was nothing, but bait for guys like me (you get it why). This is one of those few funny Facebook pages that take a shot at your deepest desire without hurting you in any manner.

I need a girlfriend - Funny Facebook Pages of India

2. Rajnikant vs. CID 18 + jokes:

The theme of the page is to offer “out of the universe” content that brings a smile on the faces of even the most depressed souls. With more than 100,000 likes, the page is clearly one of the most followed in the country especially among circles of teenagers and young adults. The name of Rajinikant itself warrants a visit to this page.

Rajnikant vs. CID 18 + jokes - Funny Facebook Pages of India

1. Bohot bhukh lagi hai yaar subah se kuch nahi khaya:

This is undoubtedly the best of all the funny Facebook pages in India and is a must visit for every laughter seeker. With its witty images and crispy quotes, it is next to impossible not to roll down on the floor laughing. With around 200,000 likes to its credit, the page leads the pack. The name itself sends enough hints about the surprises stored in this fun-box.

Bohot bhukh lagi hai yaar

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