Top 10 Frustrations That Students Face in Academic Career

1:00 pm 5 Feb, 2013


Life of a student is not only about books or late nights burning the midnight oil and early mornings of memorizing chapters. It has many dimensions to it as it is this stage which shapes the future of an individual. The life of a student is already overburdened with studies and, if not managed properly, risks slipping into a vortex of health problems. Presenting here are the Top 10 biggest frustrations that students face in academic career.

10. Health conditions:

Often health conditions prevent students from giving it their all. The competition is so tough these days that preparation for a career begins as early as in the 5th standard. One can only imagine the amount of hard work that needs to be put in and if health becomes a cause for worry, the whole equation hangs in balance.

Health conditions are the biggest setback in the academic career

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9. Love and intimacy:

Adolescence is perhaps the very first time one starts having sexual feelings. It is also the time when cupid strikes more often than it actually does in reality. This newfound side to a person’s life often adds extra pressure on the minds of young students. In fact, in extreme cases, such feelings often affect the emotional and mental balance. Love, relationships and intimacy do figure very high in the list of things that troubles students.

Love and intimacy

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8. Choosing a major:

To choose the correct career path is often an issue that bothers students. The condition is far worse in our education system for there are hardly any career counsellors appointed in schools to help students chalk out their choices from options, based on their interests and aptitudes. With only few socially acceptable career choices ‘approved’ by the Indian society, choosing a major could actually be never wrecking for a student.

Choosing a major

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7. Attendance:


As if the requirement for obtaining minimum marks for getting through a year or semester wasn’t enough, the additional condition of minimum attendance is a big problem. There seems to be some sort of concocted mind at work which makes sure of every permutation and combination to ensure that the life of a student passes without respite. The scourge of that 80 or 70 percent of minimum attendance sometimes puts barriers on students who fall sick or want to do several things in their academic life apart from just classroom studies.

Attendance affects the academic career

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6. Drugs:

Drugs are a major cause for concern for students. In fact one of the biggest threats to students across the world is drugs. Students, especially in colleges, often succumb to the fleeting experience of “being high”. The ability or the self-restraint to say no to drugs as early as in school or college is perhaps one of the biggest and toughest battles in a student’s life.

Drugs have a huge impact in the academic career

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5. Peer Pressure:

Fitting in the peer group or being accepted by friends is perhaps one of the biggest sociological and emotional challenges one faces in an academic career. Whether it is school or college, the issues are the same. Sometimes this leads to wrong choices which eventually destroy the careers and even lives of students. The stress of knowing when to say ‘no’ and when to draw a line is again a huge challenge for a student.

Peer Pressure

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4. Examination:

It’s not surprising that examinations figure in this list. Even though it is very much a part and parcel of academic career it sometimes is also the cause for the biggest frustrations of student life. The hectic schedules with no breathing space in between exams; the multiple books and topics to be studied for a three hour paper; and, the looming dagger of pass and fail more often than not makes examinations and the times around it one of the most exasperating ones of a student life.


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3. Reservation in colleges/quota in entrance exams:

Reservation is a big problem that plagues our education system. An excellent student often misses out on opportunities of studying in a great college or on scholarships due to reservations. A sad irony is that sometimes a less worthy student gets the benefits of reservation by virtue of belonging to a particular caste or strata of society. In such situations not only many deserving students are devoid of opportunities to excel but the seat that is given based on reservation actually goes to waste. This is because the pressures and intellect required to complete the course might be too much for the student of the reserved category to fulfil.

Reservation in colleges

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2. Being bullied:

Bullying and getting bullied is perhaps one of the realities of student life. We know it as ragging and we have seen several instances of destroyed lives due to it. It is not easy to be on the receiving end of a bullying or ragging session. While some might take these in their stride, others might find it difficult to cope with, leading to emotional imbalance and sometimes even suicides. Thus, unquestionably, bullying is a key concern of academic career.

Being bullied has an adverse impact on academic career

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1. Tuition costs:


Perhaps it is just inflation or blatant extortion by the education industry but the tuition fees have gone so high that it is not always possible for parents to pay for the courses that a student might be desirous of pursuing. It is sad but money seems to be the primary requirement to get enrolled in illustrious, and mediocre, schools and colleges alike. It’s obvious that the ever increasing cost of something as basic as education is a cause of major concern for students.

Tuition costs affect the academic career

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