Top 10 Free Online Education Resources to Save You from Getting Screwed

2:00 pm 15 Mar, 2013

In a world where information is available at the click of a mouse, education is not a matter of immense concern. Majority of the institutions and universities worldwide have shared their educational content for the benefit of scholars around the world. Therefore, it is dreams come true for all the education seekers around the world to access this content without dropping even a single penny from their own pocket. Listed below are the top 10 free online education resources that you can benefit from.

10. University of the people:

It is the world’s first online tuition-free, non-profit educational venture initiated by Clinton Global and Yale Law School that also finds alliance with United Nation’s Global Alliance for information Technology and Development. The main objective behind its establishment was to provide free education to all, especially people in the developing countries.

University of the people - Free Online Education Resources

9. Google Code University:

It is an initiative by Google that offers computer science tutorials to the people around the world. It is a hassle free online resource for coding aspirants worldwide to hold on to the latest programming techniques and sharpen up their programming skills. There is nothing better than teaching yourself using the tutorials drafted by the best minds in the business. The initiative by Google has large number of takers and recently emerged as one of the most famous teaching podiums.

Google Code University - Free Online Education Resources

8. Big Think:

The main aim of this education portal is to provide free education and instill rational thinking in people around the world. It shares videos from various fields ranging from personal health to business leadership. Prominent personalities from different disciplines share their standpoints on diverse topics on this platform and make people aware about recent developments around the world.

Big Think - Free Online Education Resources

7. Khan Academy:

Another of those non-profit organizations that have pledged to work for the betterment of human race and spreading literacy in the world, Khan Academy is a very popular provider of online education. At present, Khan Academy has 2,700 free educational videos to its credit. The best part of the tutorials is that they have been drafted in 10-20 minute episodes for the ease of viewers.

Khan Academy - Free Online Education Resources

6. Academic Earth:

One of the most renowned online education providers, Academic Earth covers lectures from all the prominent universities in US, namely Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Princeton and others. Currently, it has around 1,500 educational videos to its credit and is constantly adding many more with each passing day. Users can easily download the Quick Time versions of the videos and share them with friends.

Academic Earth - Free Online Education Resources

5. Personal MBA:

Management programs have always been among the courses that are enjoyed by many around the world. However, due to escalating cost of educational courses worldwide, very few are actually able to end up with a MBA degree in hand. With the introduction of Personal MBA educational services online, increased number of candidates benefitted in recent years and many more are in the pipeline.

Personal MBA - Free Online Education Resources

4. CODE Year:

It has taken the whole world by surprise and made it possible for even a computer novice to dream of becoming its master one day. The online education provider based in US, Code Year has more than 355,900 aspirant programmers registered to its services. The best part of the program is that the candidates are taught through an interactive session starting with Java Script and then moving on accordingly.

CODE Year - Free Online Education Resources

3. iTunes U:

It is one of the most famous platforms in the sphere of online education resources. iTunes U shared content for around 800 universities and organizations. It is one of the most organized platforms for scholars with huge collection of videos, pdfs, books and slide shows. iTunes covers topics from almost every field of education and works on any compatible e-reader.

iTunes U - Free Online Education Resources

2. MIT Open Course Ware:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) runs an online education program called Open Course Ware, for people around the world. Renowned for its educational standards and the level of teaching, MIT made dreams come true for many aspirants around the world, who wanted to learn and connect with this great institution without visiting it. It runs over 2000 graduate and undergraduate programs covering almost all the academic areas.

MIT Open Course Ware - Free Online Education Resources

1. TED:

Technology Entertainment Design is a non-profit online education venture started in 1984. It features talks that most of you must have listened to at least once. TED has been a dais to many greats from diverse fields, and hosted guest speakers such as Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Bin, Stephen Hawkings and many others. Lectures involve all the recent improvements in the fields of technology, entertainment and design around the world.

TED - Free Online Education Resources

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