Top 10 financial mergers

10:17 am 31 May, 2012


Financial mergers and corporate takeovers are an everyday thing in the corporate world. However there are some that grab a lot of attention. The attention may come from the sheer volume of money involved or a strategic merger between two dependant industries to create one. Companies have ambitious expansion plans as more and more industries come together on a similar platform. In some cases however a merger or a takeover can simply be bailout for the previous owners in case the company suffers a lot of loss or is even about to go bankrupt. We will attempt to look at the top 10 financial mergers. 

10. Disney Pixar:

The Disney-Pixar merger was one of the most anticipated mergers in recent times. The merger of the two sets of the most loved animated characters in the world happened in 2006 when Disney put up a bid to buy out Pixar. The two companies have worked together often and this was not so much of an unanticipated move. The two companies have merged well to bring out more success to their already populated list of successful animated films.

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Top 10 financial mergers: Walt Disney and Pixar

9. Sirius-XM Radio merger:

Two of the greatest rivals in the satellite radio business finally joined hands together in the year 2008 to become one. The merger was not however easy as there were several hindrances one of which was an old FCC rule that did not allow one company to take over the other. Both the companies can benefit from this merger as they are both expansive companies looking to not only expand their reach but also their horizons when it comes to quality.

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Top 10 financial mergers: Sirius and XM radio

8. Pfizer and Phramacia Corporation:

The deal that has changed the pharmaceutical industry and has turned it head on, the deal between Pfizer and Pharmacia Corporation was one of the biggest the industry has seen. Pfizer has today become a global giant and is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. It is estimated that on a daily average around 40 million people around the world are treated on Pfizer medicine.

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Top 10 financial mergers: Pfizer and Pharmacia

7. E.ON and PowerGen:

The merger that made E.ON the largest privately owned electricity and gas company in the world. The merger happened in January 2002 and was a mutually beneficial merger between two powerhouses of domestic power and gas. The two companies have since then under a single name made a lot of progress as E.ON is a leader in Europe and the world.

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Top 10 financial mergers: E.on and powergen

6. Adidas and Reebok:

The second largest and the third largest sports good companies finally decided to come together as one to try and oust the leader in the market, i.e. Nike. However the two companies put together still fall behind Nike. The three companies have long been involved in a battle which is won mostly by Nike as their expansive business plans have helped them take over world markets consistently as the number one manufacturer of sports goods. The merger benefited both the companies and brought two of the most well known names in sports goods together.

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Top 10 financial mergers: Adidas and Reebok

5. Chase Manhattan and JP Morgan:

The merger that brought two of the powerhouses of financial services together in 2000. The company that was formed after is one of the biggest financial service companies in the world with a net asset worth of around $2 Trillion. The company JP Morgan itself has many different wings that operate under its name and can be called a financial superstructure.

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Top 10 financial mergers: JP Morgan Chase

4. Ebay and Paypal:

Although not a very big merger in terms of the money involved, this merger however was a benchmark in the history of the internet. PayPal was acquired at $1.5Billion and the takeover has benefited both the companies greatly. PayPal is among the best known online payment system and eBay is the most well known auction site on the internet. A merger made in heaven for sure, the companies got together in 2002 and have since then reaped benefits from their mutual services.

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Top 10 financial mergers: ebay and paypal

3. Royal Dutch Petroleum Corporation and Shell Transport and Trading Co:

Shell was under a 60-40% split ownership between the Royal Dutch Petroleum Corporation and Shell Transport and Trading Co came under the ownership of the new company that was named Royal Dutch Shell. Shell is one of the world’s largest corporations today with an estimated worth of more than $500billion.

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Top 10 financial mergers: Royal Dutch Petroleum Corporation and Shell Transport and Trading Co:

2. Bank of America and Merril Lynch:

This deal was made in the year 2008 for over $50billion as the Bank of America took over Merril Lynch at a time when a lot many companies were struggling with their finances. Bank of America became the largest financial services company in the world with assets well over $2.5 trillion which is a figure that speaks for itself. The two companies have many complementary services and can do extremely well for each other not only as a financial corporation but as a world leader in finance.

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Top 10 financial mergers: Bank of America and Merril Lynch

1. AOL and Time Warner:

The takeover of Time Warner by AOL was seen by many as one of the most anticipated deals ever. The new company, AOL Time Warner combined the two businesses of online services and media assets to make up one of the biggest known media companies in the world. This is however a merger that did not go so well as there were often reports of clashes of some form or another between employees of the two companies. This merger was made at the cost of around 182 billion US dollars which is certainly one of the largest financial mergers ever to take place.

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Top 10 financial mergers: AOL and Time Warner