Top 10 Fight Scenes In Movie History

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None of us can contest that fight scenes constitute an integral part of movies. They pump more adrenaline and also fire up the pace of movies. It doesn’t even matter if it is a bare-fisted sequence, gun fight or duel with swords. A comprehensively picturized fight scene keeps the audience glued to the screen for their particular liking for whatever is uncivilized, including violence and fights. Here’s a carefully chosen compilation:

10. Road House:

The movie may not include craftily shot action sequences, but the hard feisty battle shots featured in the movie do manage to look the closest to reality. Patrick Swayze, the ever patient onscreen hero is at last seen emerging in an all new violent avatar. His savage lakeside throat ripping of his nemesis Jimmy is something that doesn’t leave the conscious of the audience for long.

9. Story of Ricky:

One of the least known movies of its times, ‘Story of Ricky’ certainly had one of the best action content ever. The particular scene where Riki-Oh makes his way through futuristic prison, guarded heavily by burly guards is second to none for its faultless picturization.


8. The Karate Kid:

If any other action movie that can see the classic ‘Rocky‘eye-to-eye, it is undoubtedly ‘The Karate Kid.’ The rise of the underdog who wins the championship bout in a climatic showdown – this is what the movie’s core theme was. The deciding fight for the ultimate winner, fought between Daniel’s against Johnny made the most memorable moments of the movie.

7. Fight Club:

The dramatic transformation of the character of Edward Norton in ‘Fight Club’ from a pale being to a dominating fist-fighter does keep the audience glued to the skin. The fight scene in the ring where Jack confronted Angle Face in a one sided match where everything gets covered in blood and before you get over one punch, another one blows right through his face.

6. Crouching Tiger, the Hidden Dragon:

Chinese movies are widely acclaimed for their lightening quick fight scenes. One such wuxia film is ‘Crouching Tiger, the Hidden Dragon.’ Some of the fight scenes in the movie make you chew your finger nails in trepidation. The best known of the movie’s action sequence is where Michelle Yeoh takes Zhang Ziyi one-on-one. It’s worth noting that the actress, who looks trained and skilled in martial arts, had never had official training in martial arts before the movie was shot.


5. Raging Bull:

Martin Scorsese’s dream project that featured the genius Robert De Niro had many fight scenes. Many of them still have no equals. Termed as one of the greatest biopics in the world cinema history, Jake Lamotta’s character of a boxer charmed one and all with his punching prowess. The particular scene depicting Lamotta’s final match against Robinson (contested in the year 1951 in real life) went on to be become a classic fight sequence.

4. Police Story:

If there’s someone who can evince laughter from the deadliest fight scenes, it has to be Jackie Chan. The widely famed actor/director, in his movie ‘Police Story’ was simply unstoppable in a scene inside a mall where he single handedly beat the shit out of his opponents. His one-liners during the fighting sequence were worth lending an ear to.

3. The Raid: Redemption:

The movie can be truly regarded as full-on action blockbuster that carried more action sequences than characters. However, the final showdown is the bloodiest. It involved Rama along with his long lost brother taking a fight against Mad Dog in an attention-grabbing two-on-one battle.

2. Kill Bill: Volume 1:

If you wish to see a swift and overpowering duel, the scene picturized in Kill Bill (Volume 1) showcasing The bridge’s old brawl with The Crazy 88 is the one to check out. The scene comprehensively punctuated by Uma Thurman. She is indeed graceful in her performance and carries inputs of slapstick comedy.

1. The Matrix:

There is hardly a movie that matches the everlasting impact that ‘The Matrix’ had on its audience. Keanu Reeves in the final face-off battle with Hugo Weaving can be termed as the greatest fight sequence ever picturized in modern cinema. The fight sequence involved such variety of kung-fu tricks, which were usually absent in the Hollywood movies of the time. Additionally, the combination of CGI-enhanced super-powered-fighting with a classic touch of bullet-time-photography gave the action sequences a new look and feel.


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