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Top 10 Favorite Burger Toppings

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 6:57 pm By

If your burger treats are confined to ketchup and tomato toppings, which you don’t usually ask for as a specialty, then you have been keeping your taste buds devoid of other marvelous combinations. Toppings add an extra brilliance to any burger. A burger is nothing more a wheat bun stuffed with veggies, turkey or beef if it doesn’t have a special topping over it. A topping is like a smile on the face. A whiff of its aroma and one can insanely want the burger in their mouth. From the best of recommendations and reviews, we have a list of top 10 favorite burger toppings, which you must not miss.

10. Ketchup:

Ketchup is the first thing any burger lover would look for, no matter what type of stuffing it has. Ketchup takes away the dryness of bacons and cheese. There is no limit to the combination that ketchup can create with a variety of other stuffing. Rather, it’s more like a universal norm to pour ketchup on the top of a burger.


9. Tomato:


There can’t be a burger without tomato. You need not to ask for a special topping. Most likely, tomato is going to make its way into burger in one way or other. Perhaps, it’s one of the best rated candidates for a burger topping. The characteristics and adaptability of tomato matches much like to that of lettuce. There isn’t a limit to the list of combinations which could be used with tomato. It goes from lying on the top with bacon to mozzarella cheese with heirloom tomato slices to basil leaves.


8. Barbecue sauce:

Try to notice the fans of Barbecue sauce while you have your snacks. It might not be the most wanted, but it has a great number of loyal lovers, who would never replace it with anything for a burger topping. A barbecue bacon burger has same chances of winning the trust of your taste buds as any other topping has. One of the best ways to try it would be a burger topped with bbq sauce with cheddar and bacon beneath it. It’s better if you add some onion strings with ketchup.

Barbecue sauce

7. Bacon:

You can’t miss the crispness and dilute saltiness that your burger gets with bacon toppings. Especially if your taste buds are crazy for the pig meat, having bacon as a topping is a must. For adding more taste to the bacon combined it with lettuce and tomato and a few natural herbs, and taste a transformation.


6. Onion:

Well, Onion fits well with almost any recipe around the globe. No wonder, it gets a special priority in case of big burger brands as well. To suggest an appropriate combo, fried onions or caramelized red onions with barbecue sauce, Swiss cheese, and bacon makes a damn good topping for your big treat. You can also use it with apple cider vinegar, and remember not to use it with white wine vinegar. Still more, onion toppings sound yummy with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise.


5. Mustard:

If you think mustard isn’t good enough to find a place in this list, then ask McDonald’s, who seems to have perfected using it as a burger topping. It’s a very different experience and it’s quite a tough job to choose suitable ingredients with which mustard could be used. Like onion or tomato, it doesn’t go with anything; rather, it’s awesome with some specific stuffing, while horrible with the wrong ones. The best combination would be honey mustard with cheese and thin slices of Granny Smith apples.


4. Mushroom:

Yuri’s popular Mushroom Burger has claimed a good rank for Mushrooms as toppings. There is no chance that you won’t love a burger smothered in sautéed mushrooms. Make it better with the sour cream, provolone, and sour cream on a wheat bun.


3. Cheese:


You might have been guessing it. Well, here is one of the most favorite toppings for pizza as well as burgers. What do you think of your burger topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, and avocado? Don’t think about it. It’s a must try topping. Taste isn’t meant to be understood, it’s meant to be relished.


2. Pickles:

Frankly speaking, topping burgers with pickles is like inevitable, not matter what other combos lay at the base. Pickle is always mouth watering. The very sight of a pickle topping would pull you towards it. Hero Burgers and Harvey’s Burger are the most favorite for they have cheese with lots of pickle calling you on the top of them.


1. Avocado:


Did you ever try Acapulco Burger? If not then, you must try the fine Avocado toppings, perhaps with salsa, Swiss cheese, and sprouts for the best experience. Some would argue that an avocado is topped with bacon and Monterey jack cheese, but the secret is that it has Avocado more than any of these. Other combinations to try would include provolone cheese, tomato, and lettuce with some nicely sliced cucumber.



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